Written by Dr. Eric Herman – BioVeda Health & Wellness Center of Bethlehem, PA

I have recently started treating in my clinic using The Bax 3000 from Bioveda Wellness. The treatment is called Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy or NSRT. It is based on Psychoneuroimmunology and basically reconditions the nervous system to not be over sensitive to substances. Psychoneuroimmunology then is the scientific field of study investigating the link between bi-directional communications among the nervous system, the endocrine (hormone) system, and the immune system and the implications of these linkages for physical health. The name Psychoneuroimmunology was provided in 1975, by Dr. Robert Adler, director of the division of behavioral and psychosocial medicine at New York’s University of Rochester.

In 1975 Dr. Robert Adler made a discovery. Basically he did an experiment where he injected mice with a drug that caused upset stomach and suppressed the immune system while feeding the mice saccharin a sweetner. He found that after a period of time the mice would show signs of an upset stomach and lowered immunity after only being fed saccharin. This showed the link between the nervous system and the immune system. The mice were actually conditioned to react to saccharin as if it were the other drug. Dr. Ader found a high proportion of the mice formally injected died when receiving saccharin alone. Dr. Ader hypothesized that the conditioning had been so successful that saccharin alone suppressed the immune system enough to kill the mice. It is possible then, that when there is stress on the organism, mental or physical, that there is a corresponding link between the two.

It has been found that having stressful experiences while being exposed to substances in the environment such as foods, chemicals, animals or plants can cause a “misprogramming” of the nervous system. This in turn will misdirect the immune system to react to the particular substance as if it were a threat or toxin. In my opinion this is a definite link between STRESS and ALLERGIES.

What is very important about this discovery is if the nervous system can be conditioned like this then it can be “unconditioned”. This is exactly what The Bax 3000 and NSRT does!

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