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What patients, their practitioners, and their family members report about the BioLight therapies.
Dr. Todd Boyd Early Intervention for Autism
*Individual Results may vary.
Dr. Todd Boyd Best Treatment for Autism
*Individual Results may vary.
Dr. Kelley Arnold Autism & ADHD Testimonial
*Individual Results may vary.

Testimonials from Practitioners, Patients, and Parents

A young patient who is borderline autistic underwent the focus and concentration program with the PTL II. He attends a preschool for developmentally delayed children. After the first week of treatment, his teachers at his school explained to his mother that it had been the best week he’d ever had in terms of his focus. The mother is so impressed, that even after her son completed the program, she continues to bring him in every week for a treatment because she feels it helps him so much.
Dr. Kelly Arnold

*Individual Results may vary.

I have worked with so many children with Autism, Asperger, and ADD with amazing results using the BioLight Laser System. After the therapy children are able to function at such improved levels. They are able to relax, focus and engage at a level the parents and teachers are amazed. The BioLight system has helped so many patients in my practice. Like BioLight says, I can help virtually every patient that walks into my practice with this technology.
Dr. Todd Boyd

*Individual Results may vary., Compass Health

I have had many children with ADD & ADHD and Autism who I have worked with using the focus and concentration protocol, and I have seen time and time again such great results with these children. The parents and teachers are so thankful for the changes they see in their children.
Dr. Ackerman, DC

*Individual Results may vary.

*Individual Results may vary.

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