BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers focus primarily on obtaining and maintaining optimal health in a holistic and non-invasive manner.   The adrenal gland is a major hormonal and stress control center of the body. A weak adrenal is associated with many ailments such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and pain.  Adrenal health is key to a person’s overall feeling of wellness.

Adrenal Gland and Kidneys

What exactly do the adrenal glands do?

  • They modulate the functioning of every tissue, organ and gland in your body to maintain homeostasis during stress and keep you alive.
  • They also have important effects on the way you think and feel.
  • The main purpose of your adrenals is to enable your body to deal with stress from every possible source, ranging from injury and disease to work and relationship problems.

One of our recommended reads is a book by James L. Wilson, N.D., D.C., Ph.D.  titled, “Adrenal Fatigue, The 21st Century Stress Syndrome?“.  In the book, Dr. Wilson discusses what adrenal fatigue is and how you can recover energy, immune resistance, vitality and overall enjoyment of life.

According to the Dr. Wilson, you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue if you:

Adrenal Fatigue The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

  • Are tired for “no reason”
  • Have trouble getting up in the morning
  • Need coffee or colas to keep going
  • Feel run down or stressed
  • Crave salty or sweet snacks
  • Struggle to keep up with life’s daily demands
  • Can’t bounce back from stress or illness
  • Are not having fun anymore
  • Have decreased sex drive

The adrenal glands  largely determine the energy of your body’s responses to every change in your internal and external environment.  Whether they signal attack, retreat or surrender, every cell responds accordingly, and you feel the results.  It is through the actions of the adrenal hormones that your body is able to mobilize its resources to escape or fight off danger (stress) and survive

In modern society, these same responses are triggered by such circumstances as a difficult boss, air pollution, family quarrels, financial problems, too little sleep, overindulgence in or sensitivities to food.  If your adrenal function is low, as it is in adrenal fatigue, your body has difficulty responding and adapting properly to these stresses.  This can lead to a variety of physical and psychological health problems that are themselves a further source of stress.

It is also your adrenal glands’ job to keep your body’s reactions to stress in balance so that they are appropriate and not harmful.  In fact, the adrenal glands are known as the “glands of stress”.  If you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue, it becomes more difficult for your body to maintain that balance in the face of stress.  The following are tips for what you should and shouldn’t do if  you suspect you’re suffering from adrenal fatigue:


  • Pushing yourself to exhaustion
  • Sugar, caffeine and junk food
  • Being critical and harsh with yourself
  • Skipping meals
  • Eating carbohydrates by themselves
  • Staying up late and catching your “second wind”
  • Arising early if you don’t have to
  • Food that you react to or are allergic to
  • Drinking sodas, coffee, alcohol, juice
  • Making someone else responsible for your health
  • People who steal your energy
  • Taking care of everyone and everything else
  • Feeling guilty about caring for yourself
  • Excessive seriousness
  • “The grind”  – Do things you enjoy
  • Aggressive exercise


  • Pace yourself
  • Eat real, whole, fresh food
  • Be compassionate and kind to yourself
  • Eat every two hours
  • Eat a combination of carbohydrates, fat and protein
  • Get to bed by 10:00-11:00pm
  • Sleep until 7:00-8:00am when possible
  • Eat balanced, nutritious food
  • Drink water, herbal teas
  • Become empowered and informed about your health
  • Be with people who are concerned for your well being and are helpful in your recovery
  • Take care of and nurture yourself
  • Find an inner balance and sense of peace
  • Find things that make you laugh

Want to know more about adrenal fatigue and how to combat it?  Order the book, “Adrenal Fatigue” through Amazon to learn more.

BioVeda Health and Wellness Centers also offers  nutritional supplements such as Cell Trace, Cor-Tex, and Re-Hydrate that may help with adrenal fatigue.   Cell Trace helps to supplement the body’s supply of trace minerals, Cor-Tex is an adrenal cortex with fruit, root and herb and Re-Hydrate is a homeopathic solution that helps combat dehydration which can cause unnecessary stress and fatigue.  Contact a Center nearest you for more information!

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