The New Weight Loss Products are Here Just in Time for Your New Year Weight Loss Programs
Phoenix & Phoenix Boost
“The Weight Loss System that Achieves Long Term Results by  Activating the Body’s Own Internal Mechanism That activates Weight Loss Plus so much More and  Keeps the Weight Off”
The New Weight Loss Products are Here Just in Time for Your New Year Weight Loss Programs
Phoenix & Phoenix Boost
“The Weight Loss System that Achieves Long Term Results by  Activating the Body’s Own Internal Mechanism That activates Weight Loss Plus so much More and  Keeps the Weight Off”
Fighting Fat with Fat!!! 
We live in a world where weight loss diets and fads are always popping up.  Losing weight can be  one of the toughest things a person has to do. For years, studies of obesity have found that soon after overweight people lose weight, their metabolism slows down and they experienced hormonal changes that increased their appetite. Scientists hypothesized that these biological changes could explain why most obese dieters quickly gained back much of what they had so painfully lost.A substance in the body which produces 300 times more heat than any other organ is the answer to sustained healthy Weight Loss.  It’s name? Brown Fat!!Brown fat works opposite of white fat.  White fat infamously stores extra calories as over flowing bellies, muffin tops, love handles & plump thighs. In complete contrast brown fat expends energy in the form of heat. The more active brown fat in the body more calories and white fat are used and eliminated from the body.Scientists have found a signaling molecule capable of activating brown fat cells. An international team of researchers led by Professor Alexander Pfeifer from the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the University Hospital Bonn, have discovered a new way to stimulate brown fat and thus burn energy from fat stores and the food we eat. (For more information on the science see the attached article below.) This process takes up to 8 weeks before enough brown fat cells are stimulated to start seeing significant weight loss results.  But the great thing is the body then has its own built in mechanism  to help convert and reduce those unwanted fat stores allowing the body to keep the weight off. Start loosing weight within the first week using our new two part weight loss program explained below.
New Two Part Weight Loss Program
We have designed a two part program that utilizes this new science for long term permanent weight loss as well as rapid weight loss. This program includes our two new products: “Phoenix” and “Phoenix Boost“. Phoenix Boost is designed to give you quick results during the first 8 weeks while also taking the Phoenix which is formulated for long lasting weight loss by activating the brown fat in the body. With this unique combination you will receive fast results as well as long term sustained results and avoid the notorious fat rebounding gains.



1. Take the Phoenix & Phoenix Boost together for the first 8 weeks. Take the Boost Before meals 3x daily and take the Phoenix after meals 3x daily.  Continue the Phoenix until your desired weight is achieved.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet reducing simple carbohydrates (breads,chips & pasta)  & sugar(do not take artificial sweeteners as they put weight on you) and increase proteins and green leafy veggies (no starvation diet) Ask for our patient handouts.

3.  Moderate exercise 3 to 5 times a week for example taking a walk is ideal.  Ask for patient handouts.

4. We recommend that the patient take the Foundation Health ReGen while on this program for even better results but not required. If you need information on this product call the office or email us.

5. How Long does a bottle last ? One 2oz bottle of each product (Phoenix & Phoenix Boost) is a Months supply.



Incorporate the Lose It Laser Protocol – Suggested but not required


It is recommended that you incorporate the ‘Lose It’ Laser protocol with the Phoenix Weight Loss products.  It is not required to get great results but also know that you will help the patient to such a expanded degree if you use the laser program because it helps balance and detox the body and deal with Hormonal imbalances and food allergies that can also contribute to weight issues. When the product trials were done the laser program was not performed and the results mentioned above were achieved with just the products alone with a healthy diet and moderate exercise.  So you can imagine the expanded overall benefits the patient will receive when you add the Lose It Laser protocol .  This is a great time of year to promote this program to your patients and community.


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Phoenix & Phoenix Boost Information and Science

Phoenix Weight Loss Flyer


“Phoenix Boost” – Weight Loss Accelerator
  • Boost Energy
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Appetite Control
  • Enhanced Mental Focus
  • Powerful Mood Booster
  • Increase Tissue Oxygenation
  • Improves Digestion 
  • Taken for up to 8 weeks for Accelerated  Weight Loss

 “Phoenix” – For Long Term Permanent Weight Loss

          Produces Long Term Weight Loss

  • Brown  Adipose Tissue Proliferation for max burn
  • Stimulates Thermogenesis of Brown Adipose Tissue
  • Can be taken till you achieve the desired Weight Loss
  • Take with the Phoenix Boost for first 8 weeks. Then discontinue the Boost and continue the Phoenix.

I’ve Lost 21 Pounds So Far and Still Counting

Before using the Phoenix Weight Loss System, I had trouble bending over to tie my own shoes, could not keep up with my grandchildren and was short of breath all the time. Now I’m feeling great with lots of energy to walk every morning.  So far I have lost 21 pounds and still counting. My doctor has lowered my diabetic medicine.  My husband is now a believer and has started taking the Phoenix products.”

J. Anderson


 Lost 4-5 pounds a week and the best part was I never felt deprived plus my cravings went away!!” 

 “When I started the program I was skeptical especially since there was no special diet that I had to deprive myself with and because I had tried just about every diet there is out there and had really lost hope of getting this weight off. I did change my diet to a healthy diet and cut out the simple carbs and the excess sugars, plus i did a quick walk during my lunch break each day. I was amazed, my cravings were gone and my appetite  was significantly reduced. Plus I had good energy and a great sense of well being. Best of all  I lost an average of 4-5 pounds a week.  It has been a blessing for me and it was so easy. I really feel great on these products.   I love this product and also love the taste.

        C. Buchanan 


I have Lost 9 pounds in 3 Weeks and My Energy is Amazing!

 Road warrior seems to sum up my life over the past three years.  Eating out and traveling has put an extra 35 pounds on me.

After see how well my wife did with the Phoenix Weight loss System, I started. I have been on the Phoenix products for three weeks and have lost 9 pounds. It gives me the energy to be active again.  Can’t wait to drop the other 26 pounds.

M. Anderson

Lost one Dress Size in  the First 2 weeks

  In  2 weeks I dropped one dress size.  I was not hungry and ate my normal healthy diet. That was the simplest weight loss I have ever experienced. It has now been 3 months and have kept the weight off with no real effort  and actually have lost a few more pounds without taking the product now.  Really amazing product”

       A. Parker 

This Weight Lose System will Benefit Anyone wanting To Lose Weight Simply & Keep It Off!! $48.00 per 2oz spray (One month supply).


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