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What patients, their practitioners, and their family members report about the BioLight therapies.
Dr. Todd Boyd How To Get Rid of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
*Individual Results may vary.

Testimonials from Practitioners and Patients

Our practitioners and patients share their stories of non-invasive, health-promoting BioLight therapies.

I have a patient who was hospitalized with diverticulitis last spring. Her MD wanted to do a colon resection, but she told him she would like to try homeopathic and alternative treatments before agreeing to the surgery. Her colonoscopy revealed scar tissue in her descending colon with 10 diverticula pockets in her descending colon and 20 pockets in her ascending colon and transverse colon.

She came into our office and I began treating her with the Aura PTL II. I used settings for Inflammation, Bioterrain protocol, digestive balance protocol, scar setting. I gave her LGI medx (large intestine stem cell activation product for rapid healing), probiotics (BioPro Ultra), digestive enzymes ( Healthyzyme), and inflamRedux as supplements. She also began juicing and cleaning up her eating habits to include organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

Since her fourth treatment, she has no pain or discomfort. We completed the protocols last week and she is doing extremely well.

Dr. Jeremy Johnson

*Individual Results may vary.

I have a testimonial from a patient whose husband I treated. He’s 70 years old and health issues. Was taking Ambien every night to sleep, chronic constipation, taking Metamucil , and a PSA of 7. After 1 treatment and using the biophasic remedy, he slept 2 nights in a row with no Ambien, no constipation and now after 4 treatments PSA is less than 4. He sleeps through the night, bowels are great and never felt better. In fact he’s going to germany tomorrow which never would have happened a month ago.
Dr. Zilliox, D.C.

New York, *Individual Results may vary.

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