What patients, their practitioners, and their family members report about the BioLight therapies.

Relief from Suffering Quickly and Easily

A picture is worth a thousand words. Before the Aura PTL II therapy, this little boy was suffering with a number of allergy issues. The Aura PTL II Low Level Laser Therapy System utilizes cutting-edge technology with the highest range of frequency therapy. It is unlike any other laser on the market today. This lightweight, handheld unit is ultra portable and provides proven results, fast.

BioLight Technologies has made the complex science of Low Level Light Therapy simple. You can be operational within an hour, providing patients with the relief they need.

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Testimonials from Practitioners and Patients

Our practitioners and patients share their stories of non-invasive,

health-promoting BioLight therapies.

“Ok, I am new at the PTL 2 and the Bioveda protocols. I am setting up a brand new laser centric practice. We will be up and running this Friday June 17th. In the meantime, I had a close friend of the family bring in his 14-year-old son today suffering from low back pain for the past 2 weeks. He has been seen by another chiropractor without any relief. He is essentially unable to enjoy any recreational activities due to the pain, unable to bend forward without severe pain and has diffuse pain with coughing and sneezing. I suspect he has an injured IVD.

In any event, I treated him this afternoon with a system balance 470, followed by the low back protocol 740 for 10 minutes. I waited 5 minutes, then closed the gates.

After I was finished I asked him, “How does your back feel now?”

He looked at me and said, “How did you do that?”

I replied “what?”

He responded, “I can’t feel it anymore!”

He then got up and ran out to show his mother how he could bend over and touch his toes without any pain! Amazing!! I need to keep my video camera on hand and ready at all times!”

Dr. Nelson, D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

I started the 12 visit bedwetting protocol on two girls, age 5 & 9, for bedwetting. After the second visit, the 5-year-old girl quit wetting the bed and stopped having accidents at school, and hasn’t since. The 9-year-old went from totally loading the pull-up every night to only slightly wet in the AM.

Now after the fifth visit, the 9-year-old had a completely dry night. [It was the] first dry night in her life, and the mom was in tears!!! Also when I asked the little girl about it – she looked up at me and said that it was very awesome to NOT have to take a bath before school!!

That really melted my heart. The 5-year-old has had no accidents — day or night — since after visit two. The mom is super excited, and so are we!

Dr. Whitehead

*Individual Results may vary.

We have a young 19-year-old girl come to our office for help with Lyme [Disease]. She had been in a wheelchair for 1.5 years. Her mother stated she was steadily going downhill, and they had gone the medical route with no improvement and no hope.

We began treating her with the PTL II. After her 7th visit she ran into our office into my arms thanking me. She was out of the wheel chair and was improving daily and could see her health returning. Her mother cried the entire visit thanking us for giving her daughter’s life back.

I am so thankful for this amazing PTL II System.

Dr. Justin Philips

*Individual Results may vary.

This season has been absolutely the worst of fall allergies for one of my clients, also a healthcare practitioner. Usually she might symptoms for a few days that resolve immediately with a homeopathic remedy for allergies.

Not this year. She pulled out everything in her natural pharmacy; many different homeopathic combinations for hayfever, allium cepa, botanicals, nutritionals to no avail. She was miserable and was considering canceling appointments.

I had her come in for a laser treatment. Since we didn’t have too much time I used visits 3A, 3C, 8C, and 12C in the Sensitivity protocol in one visit. She had immediate relief! Also, she started using BioLight’s Allergy 1, and it works amazing! She’s happy, and I’m thrilled with the results I’ve been getting with the PTL II.

Linda Howes CN, HHP

*Individual Results may vary.

One day, a couple walked into my office asking if I could help their 4-year-old little girl that they knew was dying. She could eat basically nothing. There was a paste they made for her which was the only thing she could eat, she was sensitive to all forms of sugars. They had been everywhere and tried so much; the little girl was only getting worse. She was totally gray, and I was not sure how much I could help.

But I told them we could try the sensitivity program with the laser and by the third visit she could eat 4 other items, and by the time we completed the whole program she was able to eat anything. Today I am proud to say she is a normal little girl.

This is why I love what I do.

Dr. Paterson

*Individual Results may vary.

I wanted to share a success story about a Lyme [Disease] patient I have been treating. This patient presented with numerous Lymes symptoms, including fatigue, muscle aches, and “foggy headedness.” Also he complained of many food allergies.


I tested him with a Kinesiology assessment and found that he did indeed have many ingested allergies along with a yeast imbalance. We decided to run the Bax IDE program with him along with the sensitivities in the PLT II. Also we ran some of the yeast protocols and the tick(lymes) protocol several times with the PTL II.

After he completed these basic scans we ran four advanced scans with the Bax Aura. Today he is almost symptom free and can eat a variety of foods without symptoms. In fact, his Lymes MD has told him not to come back and that M.D. told him he feels that the Laser has made the difference in his healing process.


Dr. Kelley Arnold

*Individual Results may vary.

In the spring of 2013, I had a family walk into my office carrying a 5-year-old little girl that was totally gray and skin and bones. The parents shared she could not eat any form of sugar, and the only thing she could eat was a special paste they would make for her.

They had heard of the amazing results I had with the PTL II laser, and they asked, “Can you help our little Girl?”

I told them lets see what we could do. After the first 4 visits, she could now eat 4 foods. By the end of the 12 visits of the BioLight sensitivity program, she could eat anything she wanted to.

I know her life had been saved by this amazing tool I never cease to be amazed with its results and how we can changes lives.

Dr. Andrew Moore

*Individual Results may vary.

I do want to share some thoughts.

I can not say enough about what BioLight Technologies has put together with the PTL II and cookbook. I remember the challenges I went thru in order to achieve a level of competence in energy medicine that wasn’t near what has been prepared for BioLight doctors. And it has been prepared in concise, accurate, easy to follow instructions that any person with average intelligence could follow even if they had no idea what they were doing. And it is inexpensive!

From a clinical aspect I can sum it up: it works. The average chiropractor can do phenomenal things if they just get the right mind set, and follow instructions.

From a personal aspect, I just finished the best month of my career. And did it during a “financial down turn.” I was able to do it because I have a reputation as a healer. A reputation developed in large part due to my work with BioLight. Miracles happen in my clinic on a daily basis. Miracles can happen in just about any clinic that follows the BioLight work and has a doctor and staff that are committed to this work, and have the necessary communication skills.

Thanks for all you have done, and all you intend to do in the future.

Dr. Rick Townsend, D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

These are some initial results using the AURA PTL II Integrated Protocols for the past two weeks. I assume we will see even better results and become more efficient as we get more comfortable with the acupoints and the protocols themselves. Overall, we are doing very, very well.

We have two female patients on the Lose It! program, both are experiencing excellent results and both have excellent appetite/craving suppression.

We have three patients on the Healthy Skin protocol and all of them are 50% or MORE improved in just under two weeks.

As expected, the pain protocols work well, same results as we had with the original PTL.

We started our first patient on the Fibro protocol and the patient reported a 100% reduction in symptoms by the day’s end.

We have combined that with dietary recommendations and the patient reports full clinical remission for over a one-week duration of time.

Dr. Richard Dustman, D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

Briefly, I recently encouraged a dad and mom to bring their 3-week-old daughter in for a laser treatment verses starting her on the second course of Nystatin! She had a completely white mouth and her diaper rash was horrible, and of course she was not very happy.

I treated her and you could actually see the redness in the diaper rash disappear. I then had them take the laser home (haha, nice to be in a small town) with the instruction to laser her 4 times a day. By Monday, she was completely healed in the mouth and the diaper rash was nearly gone. By Wednesday she was completely healed everywhere and a much happier baby! And, that was totally the laser because mom never filled the Nystatin script or picked up the probiotics!

Dr. Sandra B. Lane

*Individual Results may vary.

My dog Scooter continues to make miraculous progress. As you know, he experienced a spontaneous disc rupture in the lower part of his back after a small jump, and experienced instant and complete hindquarter paralysis with almost no deep pain sensation. The vet conducted a laminectomy which involved opening the spinal column and removing the extruded disc material. The surgeon told us that his disks were “as bad as they get”. We were told that his chance of regaining full use of his hind legs and tail were less than 5%-50%, and that it could take up to nine months before we would know for sure.

He came home on Saturday, which was one week ago today. I have been using the PTL and the BAX AURA everyday, once to twice per day and for a total of about 10 minutes of laser time, utilizing various recipes per your advice.

The Saturday we brought him home, he had some movement in his right hind leg. By Wednesday, he was able to stand for a short period on his right hind leg, AND he started to wag his tail. The left leg was still lame. Friday afternoon, I decided to try Sarcodes Neurological.

About a half hour later, my wife and I carried him out to the backyard. We couldn’t believe what happened! Although slightly unstable and still a little weak, he was walking with both legs, wagging his tail (almost a full wag), AND he had regained control of his bladder and bowels.

As per your advise, I will start the CNT Repair to help strengthen and bind connective tissue. Also, once his vet-prescribed medications/antibiotics are complete, I will start him on a nutritional regime including probiotics.

Jay Fertman, CBP, Colorado

*Individual Results may vary.

Just wanted to say that I have been extremely amazed with the BioLight Aura PTL II.

About 5 years ago, my wife injured her neck when she slipped and fell while running to save my 2 year old daughter who fell into the swimming pool. (Don’t worry, my daughter is fine.) My wife herniated 3 cervical discs.

Over the years I have been able to keep the pain under control with chiropractic, although about once every 3 months she would have a “flare up” and it would take me about a week to get things back under control. Well, back in November 2010, I decided to use the “herniated disc” setting on the PTL. I only painted the area for about 5 minutes and that was it. I didn’t think much of it until recently when I realized that my wife never had a flare up. When I asked her about it she said that she had not had any neck pain at all since November. What is really amazing about this is that my wife competes in tournaments for Jiu-Jitsu. She is constantly getting dropped and thrown on her head and trying to fend off people who are trying to choke her out. Absolutely no pain in over 8 months. WOW!

Then just 6 or 7 weeks ago, I was fighting in a mixed martial arts class when I had one of my kicks blocked which caused me to hyper-extend my knee. I heard a loud pop, and I dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

I immediately hopped over to my clinic which was about 50 yards away and began using the PTL II with the joint, inflammation, and knee settings. I only painted the area. Surprisingly, I woke up the next morning with NO PAIN and NO swelling. I was able to walk but with a light limp due to the instability.

An MRI 2 days later revealed a complete rupture of the ACL and a complete horizontal tear of the medial meniscus. Ortho surgeon recommended reconstructive surgery. I said for her to give me 6-8 weeks and then I will make a decision.

Well its been 6 or 7 weeks and I have been completely pain free since the day after the injury. I have been walking without a limp for 3 weeks, and I already returned to kiteboarding 2 weeks ago without any problems. My joint locking has been extremely minimal. I have even returned to full work out sessions with P90X. I can definitely say that I will not go through reconstructive knee surgery, and I can’t wait for my follow up visit with my ortho surgeon to show off the results.

I still ask myself from time to time, “Just what the heck did I buy???”

I have been blown away.

Dr. Todd Boyd D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

We have been working with a patient who was burned over 80% of his body by a propane gas spill. The burns were in some areas all the way to the bone. We did take before and after pictures and will be glad to share these.

He has had miraculous recovery with little scarring and such rapid healing that the local burn clinic that he also was working with called me and asked if we would work with them with their patient as they had never seen such fast and amazing results.

Dr. Justin Philips

*Individual Results may vary.

I have a patient who was hospitalized with diverticulitis last spring. Her MD wanted to do a colon resection, but she told him she would like to try homeopathic and alternative treatments before agreeing to the surgery. Her colonoscopy revealed scar tissue in her descending colon with 10 diverticula pockets in her descending colon and 20 pockets in her ascending colon and transverse colon.

She came into our office and I began treating her with the Aura PTL II. I used settings for Inflammation, Bioterrain protocol, digestive balance protocol, scar setting. I gave her LGI medx (large intestine stem cell activation product for rapid healing), probiotics (BioPro Ultra), digestive enzymes ( Healthyzyme), and inflamRedux as supplements. She also began juicing and cleaning up her eating habits to include organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

Since her fourth treatment, she has no pain or discomfort. We completed the protocols last week and she is doing extremely well.

Dr. Jeremy Johnson

*Individual Results may vary.

I have been using the laser extensively with my equine/canine massage practice. The combination of both is doing wonders for my four-footed clients. I worked with an eight-year-old papillion who had strained her hind quarters and was in a lot of pain… with one treatment of the laser for inflammation and gentle massage, she is back to her bouncy little self. I’m also working with a four-year-old mare who has some physiological faults, but also a lot of emotional issues. For our first several sessions I was only able to laser her as she wouldn’t let me put my hands on her… it’s been a couple of months now with weekly treatments, and the change in her disposition is amazing! I was able to do a partial manual massage on her for the first time last week in addition to the laser. I also have used it with the Bach flower setting & she is also on bach flowers. It’s been very rewarding to see the changes in her.
Tina Schmitt

*Individual Results may vary.

My name is Anita, and I would like to thank Johnson Chiropractic for helping to relieve my pain and irritation from Shingles.

On October 17th, 2011 I developed an itchy rash that started on my stomach. By October 18th and 19th it had spread to my left side and back, and I also had pain on my left side. I thought the rash was from poison ivy and the pain was due to me playing volleyball the night before. I waited until October 21st to go see a doctor. My doctor said that I had Shingles, and that I was a day too late to start antiviral medications to help them go away quickly. I would have to wait possibly two weeks or more for the pain and irritation of the Shingles to go away. I had heard from other people that the pain from Shingles can last for a long time.

My mother contacted Johnson Chiropractic office to see if there was anything Dr. Johnson could do to help me at this time. Karen said that they were offering a new program called Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy. I came in for an appointment on October 27th for the first part of a two-part Cold Laser Therapy for Shingles. I returned on November 1st for the second treatment.

By the end of the week the pain was gone and there is no lasting effect of the Shingles. I highly recommend the Cold Laser Therapy treatments, they certainly work for me.

Dr. Kelly Johnson

*Individual Results may vary.

The patient reported a significant mold allergy with inflammation around her eyes for a four-week period leading up to her treatment with Dr. Ruocco on this past Friday, May 20th. Following the therapy, the patient self-reported that she was:

  • 70% better within 12 hours of Friday visit (reduced swelling and redness around the eyes)
  • 100% better within 36 hours after visit (Sunday morning)
Dr. Ruocco D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

I have treated over 200 patients with 95% successful results. We have never heard of anything being this effective. We have been amazingly pleased with this program and want to recommend this to all BioLight practitioners. It is easy and so effective.
Dr. Cardile

*Individual Results may vary.

I have tried anything and everything to stop smoking for the past 40 years, including the latest prescription medications. The Just Stop program was the answer for me, hands down! With no adverse effects and no withdrawal, no increase in appetite or weight gain.

Smoker for 47 years, *Individual Results may vary.

A young patient who is borderline autistic underwent the focus and concentration program with the PTL II. He attends a preschool for developmentally delayed children. After the first week of treatment, his teachers at his school explained to his mother that it had been the best week he’d ever had in terms of his focus. The mother is so impressed, that even after her son completed the program, she continues to bring him in every week for a treatment because she feels it helps him so much.
Dr. Kelly Arnold

*Individual Results may vary.

Beverly had come in with excruciating pain in the right shoulder radiating down the right arm most likely due to overuse and computer workstation positioning. Weekly visits to a DC helped and she was considering seeing an orthopedic doc to see if she needed surgery.

After her first visit she noticed the “gripping” pain released. She has since come back for two more visits after the pain returned.

Linda Howes

*Individual Results may vary.

I have had great success with the Just Stop smoking program. Generally, January is busy with patients wanting to stop smoking, but this year the steady stream of people coming in for Just Stop has maintained.

They are very happy. Some are skeptical at first and then are amazed at the results.

Ann Johnson, Tennessee

*Individual Results may vary.

I treated a 58-year-old woman who had significant pain in her foot for months and was unable to wear anything but a loose sandal because of the pain. She had scheduled foot surgery to resolve a nerve issue the medical community told her was the only way to correct it. I ask her if she wanted to have surgery and her answer was of course a resounding NO.

I used two settings. First I used the PTL II Tarsal T setting and lasered her foot, I then used the Inflammation setting. I asked her to get up and walk on it.

She was in shock there was no pain. She was from out of town, and I asked her to call me to let me know how she was doing after a few weeks. She called to report that she still had no pain. She reports complete resolution even weeks after treatment and cancelled her surgery and doctor appointments.

Dr. Parker

*Individual Results may vary.

Hey Docs, I just wanted to post what we have been doing and having success with here in Minnesota.

In late December I hired a college student on break between Christmas and New Year’s to go to all the businesses in our community of 20,000 and hand out a post card with info on our Just Stop program.

We received great testimonials from the new nonsmokers and HR/Wellness directors. Just Stop works. So far we have had 99% success with 1 failure that was a person that was not at the class and not pre-qualified.

Dr. Eric Cram D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

A lady called me yesterday who lives more than an hour away from our office. She told me about the severity of her allergies and we talked about her medical history. Her chiropractor recommended she find someone with the BAX system to help her. He believed this would be her last chance to find help since nothing else had worked (traditional medicine or herbal) and she was getting progressively worse over the years. Her problems started in 1982 following a virus. She had been on antibiotics and steroids 2 years beginning in 1999 for pneumonia and allergy symptoms amongst other things.

She presented to our office this morning with severe shortness of breath, loud wheezing, unable to walk or talk without stopping to take a breath. After going over her history, I did the series one assessment with the AURA and then proceeded with visit one using the Sensitivity protocol with the PTL II and lasered the recommended points. We waited approximately 20 minutes after doing V1A and then followed with the V1B and finally closed using the AURA laser.

Following the laser treatments, we talked about the supplements and how to take them, I noticed she was no longer wheezing and her breathing was not labored. I asked her how she felt and she stated that her lungs felt much clearer and her breathing was much easier.

As we began to walk toward the front desk, I noticed that she did not stop for breaths and she talked the entire time without hesitating to breathe. She was also walking more briskly than before.

She was grinning from ear-to-ear when she left the office. She was so excited. I believe I witnessed a miracle but better than that she experienced one. I can’t wait to see her next week. What a blessing!!

Dr. Jeremy Johnson D.C., Spring Hill, TN

*Individual Results may vary.

We are very pleased with the results our patients are having with Just Stop smoking cessation program. We had been doing a laser smoking cessation program with our big medical lasers before we started with BioVeda PTL Just Stop program which gave us pretty good results, but definitely not like the Just Stop program. We were doing six treatments that each took 30 minutes over three weeks time to stimulate acupoints and had to repeat some steps on occasion for some people.

I am not sure how many people we have now had on Just Stop since we started a short time ago but it must be at least 18 to 24, and I think we have had only one or two people who had a hard time. The rest seem to sail through. Several people have told us they felt like non-smokers after the very first visit!!

I have trained my staff to do the PTL procedure after I do the assessment/commitment and go through the booklet I have written for them.

Once patients understand these things and how their body will respond to the treatment, endorphin reprogramming and the detoxification that follows, it is like an AHA moment for them and you can see their “lights go on” when they actually “get it”! I worked in Addictions for 20+ years and we always said quitting smoking can be harder than drugs or alcohol for very many people! It is exciting to see these people having such great success this easily and it always humbles me to know that we have something so powerful in our hands that can help change lives. That is our best reward!!

I encourage all PTL owners to include Just Stop in your list of services! You will be amazed.

C. Davis

*Individual Results may vary.

I have smoked for the past 31 years and have tried numerous options to stop smoking without success. Using the Just Stop program, I was amazed by the results I experienced. It has dramatically changed my life and it seems as if I never smoked. I am proud to say that I am smoke free for over a month now without any side effects.

Smoker for 31 years, *Individual Results may vary.

The Just Stop program was the only thing in the world that helped me stop smoking and did so immediately. I was smoking 15-25 cigarettes a day. I had previously tried just about everything to stop smoking including cold turkey, nicotine gum, nicotine patch, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and several herbal treatments. Nothing worked! The gum and patch just string your withdrawals out over several months. The other natural remedies did nothing.

The Just Stop Program didn’t make me feel weird or sick which some other products and medications tend to do to me. Right from day one, I no longer had the desire to smoke cigarettes. There are no withdrawals, no cravings, no getting sick, no frustration or anger. In the past quitting smoking has been one of the worst experiences of my life and seem impossible.

The Just Stop Program was like cheating. It was like reverse withdrawls, and in fact I felt better not smoking. I was even able to be around other smokers without having a craving. After the first week, I felt great. It’s been two weeks and I feel better in every way. I have already noticed an increase in my lung capacity. This program works and I’ll save $3,500 per year!


Yardley, PA

I tried to quit smoking last year on New Year’s Day last year and only lasted a week. I woke up with cravings every day, and had them after lunch, after work, etc. After the very first Just Stop visit, I knew something was different, I wasn’t a “smoker” anymore. I didn’t have any cravings. This program is unbelievably amazing!

Long-term smoker, *Individual Results may vary.

I smoked for over 38 years, and when I found out that my best friend from kindergarten had stopped smoking for 3-months using the Just Stop Program, I wanted to try it as well. Since the first day, I have not smoked one cigarette nor have I had the craving to do so. It has been almost three months! I am so happy I did this and would recommend this program to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Searcy, AK

I have had many children with ADD & ADHD and Autism who I have worked with using the focus and concentration protocol, and I have seen time and time again such great results with these children. The parents and teachers are so thankful for the changes they see in their children.
Dr. Ackerman, DC

*Individual Results may vary.

I have been smoking for 40 years, 1 to 2 1/2 packs per day, I have tried everything on the market to try to quit smoking with no success. The Just Stop program was by far the easiest, and I was successful on my first try!

Weatherford, OK, *Individual Results may vary.

Thank you for helping me quit smoking! I smoked close to two packs a day for 45 years. When I started the Just Stop Program on October 11, I was not so confident that I would quit. I knew I wanted to quit and I knew it was time to quit but nothing had ever worked before and I had little faith that anything would. I am still amazed that I have actually quit. I will be celebrating 100 days smoke free in just two days! I am certainly happy about the money I have saved and the side benefit of cutting back from 5 cups of coffee a day to only 1 or 2. The health benefits have been gradual but I can say that I am feeling better.

I look forward to a healthy life, and I thank you immensely I don’t think I could have done it otherwise.


Sarasota, FL

“The AURA PTL or as I now call it the “Praise The Lord” laser works great. In my first week, I have already treated patients with bee stings, an ant bite, warts and muscle pain with good results. The appropriate BioPhasic with recipe and Lymph Resolve has caused noticeable changes in patient digestion as well as the muscle/organ relationships. “
Dr. Jack Epter D.C.

Florida, *Individual Results may vary.

I had a patient our first day using the AURA PTL II that came in and showed Lymph issues on the MPR. After one treatment with the PTL, the node under the arm was gone….Amazing!
Dr. Greg Muchnij D.C.

Arizona, *Individual Results may vary.

Four of my patients this morning are the run-of-the-mill pain management cases, all had IM inject as well as blocks and epidurals all with no results. my approach (CMT and nutrition) has done excellent but not completely eliminated pain. Treated all today with PTL laser and every one of them left clinic 100% pain free.
Dr. Richard Dustman D.C.

Ohio, *Individual Results may vary.

My patient, a man in his mid 60s, calls and says he has been having pain and problems with shingles on his left side slightly anteriorly around rib 9 – 10 on the width of them and approximately 5 inches in length. Some blisters had risen and was red over that area. He comes in on a Friday almost a month ago. I did system balance half way through the protocol, then Shingles. On Monday he calls and said that the blisters were healed over and the redness was nearly completely gone.
Dr. Riemer, D.C.

Texas, *Individual Results may vary.

My dad hasn’t slept well in years. We all have these patients that come in explaining how they don’t sleep well, they sleep for a few hours then completely awake, might dose off again, and awake again, all through the night.


On this past Saturday I decided to do the sleep protocol on him. Anyway on a serious note we do the protocol on Saturday. Then Sunday my mom calls after church to tell me that my dad has some good news for me and he would call me later. Long story short, he calls and tells me that for years he hasn’t had to rely on his alarm clock to get him up, and that Sunday morning it went off at 6:30 am and he remembered going to bed at 10:30pm the night before. He was very impressed, and was greatful that after years, he had finnally gotten a full nights sleep.

My purpose for sharing some of my patients’ testimonials is to make sure you are using these tools that BioVeda has been able to put before us to help our patients. It has been a Godsend for me, my family, and my patients. Thank you BioLight and everyone associated with BioLight Technologies. God Bless!

Dr. Riemer, D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

“I had a patient that sustained a severe Grade II-III inversion sprain of the left ankle. I used my AURA PTL II with extremity protocol for general pain, sprain/ligament and foot pain. I’m very excited to tell everyone that my patient called this morning saying she was astonished at how well the treatment worked, that her ankle sprain was reduced by 50% and the swelling had subsided significantly. Way to go, BioLight!”
Dr. Leach D.C.

California, *Individual Results may vary.

With regard to getting enough patients, the question is your mind set not the environment. Obviously you attract patients for chiropractic care from your small community. The thing is when you add a technology like BioVeda people are willing to travel a greater distance to see you. I have had people come from all around the state because I offer a unique treatment. One of my first patients was from over 8 hours away and stayed in a hotel so we could take care of her daughter. (While the mom was in my office she became a chiropractic patient too.) I am not sure of the size of your office but if you got just 10 patients from your existing practice to upgrade to BioVeda care you will more than pay for the PTL II. When I first got my machine I offered the service at $800.00 for at complete treatment plan to my practice.


I told them I am not sure what I just bought but if it worked half as well as promised I would be happy. In the first month, ten patients signed up for care. That would have almost paid for a PTL II. I purchased the BAX 3000 which was substantially more, but I was still happy. The results more than impressed me. These lasers are incredible.

I have only had the PTL II for a while (1 week) and I had a patient with Bells Palsy who had severe face pain every 20 minutes. After one treatment the face pain was gone for over 36 hours. I have another that had severe abdominal pain. My other lasers did not make much of a change so we sent her for scoping from her MD. Nothing was found. One treatment with the PTL II and the patient saw a 75% reduction in pain. After the 2nd treatment the patient saw a 90% reduction in pain. I will tell you later about the third because it was yesterday.

One final note is that BioVeda is an amazing company to work with. I have been very happy with the training and support.

Dr. Nannis D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

Just for fun, I worked on a male patient who was Hepatitis C positive, and had failed with medical interferon therapy. After only six Aura PTL II laser treatments, set to the Hepatitis frequency, his next blood test was completely negative for the Hepatitis C virus!
Dr. Hendendal D.C.

Florida, *Individual Results may vary.

My patient is a two-and-a-half-year-old girl that lives with her parents on their farm. The crop that they had by their house was cotton, and this last harvest when they had sprayed the crop to prepare it for harvest the wind had been strong that day and was carrying the spray right over the house and yard. She and her siblings had started playing in the yard several days in a row, a rash started coming out. Within 3 weeks had covered the whole body head to toe and front to back. The child was miserable to say the least.

Her mother had called me to see what I could do if anything. I have a satellite clinic where I have my BAX Aura and BAX 3000 set up. I told her that I had a hand held laser (PTL laser) that we could try. This is where I kicked myself because I didn’t take pictures of this little girl to show you how bad the rash was. On her face the rash looked like red lightening bolts.

With the PTL II, I ran system balance half way through the protocol, then ran allergy completely through the protocol. An hour later the mom calls and says, “She looks like nothing was ever wrong! She looks great!” That was just ONE hour later, it was so awesome. Now she is driving almost 2 hours to my main clinic just to have her do a complete program, and she is still doing fine.

Dr. Riemer, D.C.

Texas, *Individual Results may vary.

BioLight has another big winner and has topped itself again! We began offering the Just Stop program a few months ago and it worked great. We can report that 4 out of 4 patients are completely smoke free! Anything that can help better than 80% of smokers quit quickly and easily is a home run. I’m not sure what BioLight will come up with next but if it works like this, I’m in!
Dr. Shuetz, D.C.

Ohio, *Individual Results may vary.

The Just Stop! protocol is amazing! We have seen eight patients and are very pleased to report that 7 of the 8 are smoke free. Six of the 7 have been smoke free for over 45 days. The therapy blows you away because it’s so fast and easy, the patients simply report the cravings are gone, little or no withdrawal symptoms, heightened sense of smell and taste and no desire to smoke. This may be the easiest, most effective and most profitable modality we’ve ever added to our practice!
Dr. Hall, D.C.

California, *Individual Results may vary.

We are pumped! Our feet have not touched ground since we left the training to come home this weekend. Our minds were filled with the great potentials to enhance and change lives of those who previously had limited hope for a healthy life.


In regards to the technology, home run! The Aura PTL II is a great tool. Your level of improvement is exponential to the B-3000. We were going to be hard to impress and took you at your word that this product would be everything you said and more. You delivered. While we still love our B-3000 and plan to use it in different avenues, the Aura PTL II is so much faster, easier, and accurate than the B-3000. Congratulations on a fine product.

Your training staff was excellent and patient. Everyone had their questions answered and the personal attention was outstanding and reassuring. I think everyone left knowing that they had a great piece of technology and software with the know-how on how to use it the minute they turned it on starting day one. The team you have assembled is extraordinary. Congratulations and I look forward to further training with these fine leaders.

Finally, you are all to be commended on not only your level of excellence, but on your professionalism. It is easy to see from your competition that they want their share of this market at the sake of your reputation. You have chosen the high road and let your product, training, organization, service, and results speak for themselves. High five to the team. We can never thank you all enough. We will do our utmost to use this fine technology to change and improve the lives of our patients and their loved ones.

Thank you again.

Dr. Mangas, D.C.

Indiana, *Individual Results may vary.

I have a testimonial from a patient whose husband I treated. He’s 70 years old and health issues. Was taking Ambien every night to sleep, chronic constipation, taking Metamucil , and a PSA of 7. After 1 treatment and using the biophasic remedy, he slept 2 nights in a row with no Ambien, no constipation and now after 4 treatments PSA is less than 4. He sleeps through the night, bowels are great and never felt better. In fact he’s going to germany tomorrow which never would have happened a month ago.
Dr. Zilliox, D.C.

New York, *Individual Results may vary.

The Just Stop program is amazing. If you are questioning whether or not it works, I am here to tell you that it does! I have used the program with six patients, and they are all smoke free. And one of the patients I never thought would follow through, did it – and he is a HIGH STRESS guy! I thought, “There’s no way Bill will do it.” He is still, to this day, cigarette-free. Patients are reporting to me that the craving is GONE and the only thing they had to focus on were the habits associated with smoking. In fact, most say after the first visit they had absolutely no desire to pick up a cigarette. After just the first week, they say their chest is lighter, their sense of taste and smell are different and their mood is improved.”


I wanted to let the doctors know that we had another quit smoking case this week. It was a 19-year-old boy who works at McDonald’s and lives at home with his parents. Yes, I was thinking the same thing: this kid is not even close to qualifying for the quit smoking program. However, after doing a thorough consult with him and his mother, we agreed he would be a good candidate. I was very clear to him that he has to be on board with the program for it to work.

He has his third and final visit this week and remains smoke free. He did say he had a slight urge to smoke, but not enough to go through with it. So I balanced his system again and did the second visit. For all of you out there, make sure the patient is very aware that in order for them to be successful, they need to be ready to give it their all. There is no potion, lotion or patch that will do it for them, but what we do offer is much better. It will take away the urge. Good luck.

Dr. Ormsby, D.C.

Ohio, *Individual Results may vary.

For the past 5 years, I have not been well. I saw a lot of doctors and paid for lots of prescriptions, they did not help me and usually made me sicker. I had allergies to dairy products, chocolate, chemicals, perfumes and formaldehyde in clothing and in stores. I had intestinal and stomach pains and cramps. I had rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years and was on prednisone. I also have osteoarthritis. Myalgia, aching in arms and legs. Shingles and a serious infection from a shingles vaccination. Shogren disease, dry mouth, throat and eyes. Raspy voice, migraine headaches and sinus problems. I had absolutely NO energy or stamina. Walking from room to room became a challenge. I used to take 8 prescriptions a day, I now take 3 and no more prednisone.

After 3 months of treatment with Dr. Hall and the BioLight program, I have NONE of the above symptoms, my stamina and energy came back after 1 treatment! It’s a whole new life!

LaVerne (82 years old)

California, *Individual Results may vary.

Wednesday 8/11 acute low back pain due to overuse/strain. Unable to bend forward or walk without severe pain in lumbosacral area. Used disc inflammation at Du-4 and low back muscle group at BL-20-26 seated with lumbar ROM while treating. Pain immediatly gone. Over the next four days I drove 20 hours with 2-10 hour days of patient treatments with only achiness requiring one more treatment Liver general Li4, LV-3 ear:liver, spine.
G. Smith LAc

Ohio, *Individual Results may vary.

BioLight Technologies has amazing professionalism. That is something that I haven’t seen in other companies.


At this point I’m very excited about the whole system. I hope that it will bring me the quality of success that I have heard from the other doctors at the training. Thanks for all your efforts in alternative health. I’m glad to be a part of the BioLight family.

Betty-Ann Peters

Wisconsin, *Individual Results may vary.

Thank you BioLight! Just had a second visit with a five year old that was seen yesterday and was allergic to milk. Coughing, vomiting, cramping when he would eat anything with milk in it. As you are aware the first visit includes this item. Last night when I called him from home his mom stated that he had his first few donuts and bag of M&Ms EVER with no symptoms at all. While this is not the best of dietary changes, I can say he and his family are very grateful for the technology that has been brought forward to the masses by a wonderful company!


Just a quick update on my five year old patient with dairy intolerance…

Last night he tried, what he said was, the best thing in the world, Cheese Ravioli and Smart Food. (not at the same time!) Cute kid. Changed his family’s life with the Aura. AMAZING stuff. Thank You BioLight.

Dr. Ruocco D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

Below is a testimonial I received from a patient last month. I thought you might appreciate this. Sometimes when things get tough in the world and we wonder why the hell we work so hard to overcome hurdles and difficulties, we need to know there are victories. This is surely one. Keep up the good work. Lives depend upon it!


Dr. Mangas D.C.

Justin was born one month early in Maple Creek, Canada. We live out in ranch territory in the plains in Canada. Justin was in intensive care for three days. He cried a lot. I watched what I ate, noting that milk products affected Justin. He would have an upset stomach and cry. While breastfeeding, he gained weight. But, we were forced to formulas and he began to lose weight. At 1 1⁄2 years of age, he was hospitalized. He was not gaining weight. The doctor wanted to place a feeding tube in Justin. I refused the procedure. Another doctor placed him on a reflux medicine. He was hospitalized for three weeks. We pulled him out of the hospital. As time went by, the only thing Justin could tolerate was rice milk. He still was not gaining weight.

In December 2009 we brought Justin to see his grandparents in Indianapolis. Justin’s grandpa looked for an [alternative practitioner] and was referred to Dr. Mangas. Dr. Mangas adjusted Justin and started him on the BioLight protocols. The treatment was the only way to go. He was fading away before we met Dr. Steve.

In four weeks, with adjustments and the BioLight protocols, he could jump, communicate way better, and eat foods way better. He was a way happier boy. To be treated for his symptoms was like dark to light. He gained weight normally. It has been beautiful to see his progress.

In June 2010 Justin came back from Canada for a checkup and more of the BAX protocols. We saw more improvement with these visits. We will continue to come for visits for Justin and hope to move to Indianapolis.

We feel Justin was born with these issues. We feel if we had not found Dr. Steve and the BioLight protocols Justin would not be alive today. Our thanks goes out to Dr. Steve.

Dr. Mangas D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

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