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How BioLight Technologies supplements and nutrition make a difference.

Integrating nutrition, homeopathy, and low level light therapy creates results

We’re often asked why we integrate nutrition and homeopathy. Both patients and practitioners often wonder, if the light therapy works so well, why do we need to use additional products to support healing and wellness?

There is no doubt that the Aura PTL II is amazing. The research and testimonials are both very clear: patients experience dramatic results.
The LLLT through the Aura PTL II provides information, facilitates cellular stimulation, biomodulation and helps to reduce pain and inflammation.

Sometimes, however, patients need more support.

Nutritional supplementation adds additional support towards healing and wellness when patients are experiencing the stress of illness and pain. Our state-of-the-art nutritional formulations provide additional support to facilitate digestion, absorption, detoxification, and balance to a body working to establish health and wellness. Nutrition provides the building blocks for healing, while the laser therapy clears the pathways previously blocking health and wellness.

Homeopathic remedies provide energetic or vibrational pattern support to encourage wellness and healing.  Dr. Samuel Hahnemann who developed homeopathy talked about the “vital force” in homeopathic remedies. This vital force is the healing power or energy that exists within us all. It is called Chi by Chinese medicine and Prana by Indian Ayurveda. The vital force fuels the mind, body, emotions and mind. It keeps us healthy and balanced. When the balance of the vital force is disturbed by factors such as stress, pollution, improper diet and lack of exercise, it becomes weakened resulting in the person getting sick.

This integrative approach is the BioLight difference.

We have found that the patients receiving protocols utilizing LLLT, nutritional support, and homeopathic therapy experience more dramatic results. They feel increased energy, improved sleep cycles, better ability to focus and concentrate, reduced anxiety, and stronger immune systems.

The general stressors of daily life impact and wear on our bodies. For some of us, we can manage our stressors through lifestyle changes. For others, we need additional support.

The BioLight Technologies supplement lines use organic, whole-food ingredients in proprietary blends that are designed to support and encourage health and well being.

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