Allergy Relief Testimonials

What patients, their practitioners, and their family members report about the BioLight therapies for allergy and sensitivities.
Dr. Kelley Arnold Hay Fever Testimonial
*Individual Results may vary.
Allergy Treatment PTLII Laser
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Julie Collins Food & Seasonal Allergies
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Michael Luker Mold Allergy
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Dr. Dan Corbett PTLII Allergies & Acute Pain Protocol
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Relief from Suffering Quickly and Easily

A picture is worth a thousand words. Before the Aura PTL II therapy, this little boy was suffering with a number of allergy issues. The Aura PTL II Low Level Laser Therapy System utilizes cutting-edge technology with the highest range of frequency therapy. It is unlike any other laser on the market today. This lightweight, handheld unit is ultra portable and provides proven results, fast.

BioLight Technologies has made the complex science of Low Level Laser Therapy simple. You can be operational within an hour, providing patients with the relief they need.

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This season has been absolutely the worst of fall allergies for one of my clients, also a healthcare practitioner. Usually she might symptoms for a few days that resolve immediately with a homeopathic remedy for allergies.

Not this year. She pulled out everything in her natural pharmacy; many different homeopathic combinations for hayfever, allium cepa, botanicals, nutritionals to no avail. She was miserable and was considering canceling appointments.

I had her come in for a laser treatment. Since we didn’t have too much time I used visits 3A, 3C, 8C, and 12C in the Sensitivity protocol in one visit. She had immediate relief! Also, she started using BioLight’s Allergy 1, and it works amazing! She’s happy, and I’m thrilled with the results I’ve been getting with the PTL II.

Linda Howes CN, HHP

*Individual Results may vary.

*Individual Results may vary.
My patient is a two-and-a-half-year-old girl that lives with her parents on their farm. The crop that they had by their house was cotton, and this last harvest when they had sprayed the crop to prepare it for harvest the wind had been strong that day and was carrying the spray right over the house and yard. She and her siblings had started playing in the yard several days in a row, a rash started coming out. Within 3 weeks had covered the whole body head to toe and front to back. The child was miserable to say the least.

Her mother had called me to see what I could do if anything. I have a satellite clinic where I have my BAX Aura and BAX 3000 set up. I told her that I had a hand held laser (PTL laser) that we could try. This is where I kicked myself because I didn’t take pictures of this little girl to show you how bad the rash was. On her face the rash looked like red lightening bolts.

With the PTL II, I ran system balance half way through the protocol, then ran allergy completely through the protocol. An hour later the mom calls and says, “She looks like nothing was ever wrong! She looks great!” That was just ONE hour later, it was so awesome. Now she is driving almost 2 hours to my main clinic just to have her do a complete program, and she is still doing fine.

Dr. Riemer, D.C.

Texas, *Individual Results may vary.

One day, a couple walked into my office asking if I could help their 4-year-old little girl that they knew was dying. She could eat basically nothing. There was a paste they made for her which was the only thing she could eat, she was sensitive to all forms of sugars. They had been everywhere and tried so much; the little girl was only getting worse. She was totally gray, and I was not sure how much I could help.

But I told them we could try the sensitivity program with the laser and by the third visit she could eat 4 other items, and by the time we completed the whole program she was able to eat anything. Today I am proud to say she is a normal little girl.

This is why I love what I do.

Dr. Paterson

*Individual Results may vary.

We are pumped! Our feet have not touched ground since we left the training to come home this weekend. Our minds were filled with the great potentials to enhance and change lives of those who previously had limited hope for a healthy life.


In regards to the technology, home run! The Aura PTL II is a great tool. Your level of improvement is exponential to the B-3000. We were going to be hard to impress and took you at your word that this product would be everything you said and more. You delivered. While we still love our B-3000 and plan to use it in different avenues, the Aura PTL II is so much faster, easier, and accurate than the B-3000. Congratulations on a fine product.

Your training staff was excellent and patient. Everyone had their questions answered and the personal attention was outstanding and reassuring. I think everyone left knowing that they had a great piece of technology and software with the know-how on how to use it the minute they turned it on starting day one. The team you have assembled is extraordinary. Congratulations and I look forward to further training with these fine leaders.

Finally, you are all to be commended on not only your level of excellence, but on your professionalism. It is easy to see from your competition that they want their share of this market at the sake of your reputation. You have chosen the high road and let your product, training, organization, service, and results speak for themselves. High five to the team. We can never thank you all enough. We will do our utmost to use this fine technology to change and improve the lives of our patients and their loved ones.

´┐╝Thank you again.

Dr. Mangas, D.C.

Indiana, *Individual Results may vary.

*Individual Results may vary.
In the spring of 2013, I had a family walk into my office carrying a 5-year-old little girl that was totally gray and skin and bones. The parents shared she could not eat any form of sugar, and the only thing she could eat was a special paste they would make for her.

They had heard of the amazing results I had with the PTL II laser, and they asked, “Can you help our little Girl?”

I told them lets see what we could do. After the first 4 visits, she could now eat 4 foods. By the end of the 12 visits of the BioLight sensitivity program, she could eat anything she wanted to.

I know her life had been saved by this amazing tool I never cease to be amazed with its results and how we can changes lives.

Dr. Andrew Moore

*Individual Results may vary.

The patient reported a significant mold allergy with inflammation around her eyes for a four-week period leading up to her treatment with Dr. Ruocco on this past Friday, May 20th. Following the therapy, the patient self-reported that she was:

  • 70% better within 12 hours of Friday visit (reduced swelling and redness around the eyes)
  • 100% better within 36 hours after visit (Sunday morning)
Dr. Ruocco D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

A lady called me yesterday who lives more than an hour away from our office. She told me about the severity of her allergies and we talked about her medical history. Her chiropractor recommended she find someone with the BAX system to help her. He believed this would be her last chance to find help since nothing else had worked (traditional medicine or herbal) and she was getting progressively worse over the years. Her problems started in 1982 following a virus. She had been on antibiotics and steroids 2 years beginning in 1999 for pneumonia and allergy symptoms amongst other things.

She presented to our office this morning with severe shortness of breath, loud wheezing, unable to walk or talk without stopping to take a breath. After going over her history, I did the series one assessment with the AURA and then proceeded with visit one using the Sensitivity protocol with the PTL II and lasered the recommended points. We waited approximately 20 minutes after doing V1A and then followed with the V1B and finally closed using the AURA laser.

Following the laser treatments, we talked about the supplements and how to take them, I noticed she was no longer wheezing and her breathing was not labored. I asked her how she felt and she stated that her lungs felt much clearer and her breathing was much easier.

As we began to walk toward the front desk, I noticed that she did not stop for breaths and she talked the entire time without hesitating to breathe. She was also walking more briskly than before.

She was grinning from ear-to-ear when she left the office. She was so excited. I believe I witnessed a miracle but better than that she experienced one. I can’t wait to see her next week. What a blessing!!

Dr. Jeremy Johnson D.C., Spring Hill, TN

*Individual Results may vary.

Thank you BioLight! Just had a second visit with a five year old that was seen yesterday and was allergic to milk. Coughing, vomiting, cramping when he would eat anything with milk in it. As you are aware the first visit includes this item. Last night when I called him from home his mom stated that he had his first few donuts and bag of M&Ms EVER with no symptoms at all. While this is not the best of dietary changes, I can say he and his family are very grateful for the technology that has been brought forward to the masses by a wonderful company!


Just a quick update on my five year old patient with dairy intolerance…

Last night he tried, what he said was, the best thing in the world, Cheese Ravioli and Smart Food. (not at the same time!) Cute kid. Changed his family’s life with the Aura. AMAZING stuff. Thank You BioLight.

Dr. Ruocco D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

For the past 5 years, I have not been well. I saw a lot of doctors and paid for lots of prescriptions, they did not help me and usually made me sicker. I had allergies to dairy products, chocolate, chemicals, perfumes and formaldehyde in clothing and in stores. I had intestinal and stomach pains and cramps. I had rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years and was on prednisone. I also have osteoarthritis. Myalgia, aching in arms and legs. Shingles and a serious infection from a shingles vaccination. Shogren disease, dry mouth, throat and eyes. Raspy voice, migraine headaches and sinus problems. I had absolutely NO energy or stamina. Walking from room to room became a challenge. I used to take 8 prescriptions a day, I now take 3 and no more prednisone.

After 3 months of treatment with Dr. Hall and the BioLight program, I have NONE of the above symptoms, my stamina and energy came back after 1 treatment! It’s a whole new life!

LaVerne (82 years old)

California, *Individual Results may vary.

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