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Quitting smoking has never been easier
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*Individual Results may vary.
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*Individual Results may vary.

*Individual Results may vary.

Quitting Smoking has never been easier with the BioLight Just Stop program

The US Surgeon General has said, “Smoking cessation stopping smoking represents the single most important step that smokers can take to enhance the length and quality of their lives.” And more than 70% of smokers surveyed want to quit.

However, it’s hard to quit smoking. Only a few smokers that attempt to quit will be successful. With the BioLight Just Stop! smoking cessation program, patients can do it! To have the best chance of quitting and staying a non-smoker, you need to know what you’re up against, what your options are, and where to go for help.

Why it’s so hard to quit

Nicotine is as addictive as heroin or cocaine. The physical and emotional addiction to smoking creates unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when a person attempts to quit smoking. To become a non-smoker, the person must deal with both physical and mental dependence.

Why Just Stop is Different: Quit Smoking for Good

The AURA PTL IITM is the only low level light therapy (LLLT) that has substance-specific frequencies that allow patients to quickly stop smoking. When combined with BioLight’s custom therapeutic recipes, the Just Stop smoking cessation program is the fastest and easiest method of quitting smoking available.

The exclusive BioLight Technology in the enhanced Just Stop Now program contains BioPhonton Balancing Factors (BBF) that allow for an easier shift in health and wellness.

We are living, thinking, feeling beings. Every thought, emotion, vibration, or action leads to a series of chemical changes in the body. We know that addictions are rooted in not only physical needs but also in emotional and mental imbalances. When treating symptoms on a biochemical level alone, there is seldom a lasting effect. Relapse will often occur. Quitting smoking involves resolving the social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic patterns which caused the addiction in the first place. If these issues are not dealt with, they have a tendency to re-manifest in the physical body and relapse occurs.

Just Stop Now addresses all these facets. This unique product combines the best of standard herbal and homeopathic remedy concepts with flower essences, gemstone essences, and the exclusive BioLight Imprinting process to supply support to every organ, gland, cell, and system of the body. This proprietary process supports both the physical and emotional aspects.

Just Stop Now oral spray is a very effective and innovative cessation aid designed to help smokers give up smoking safely and naturally. The new spray is the same as our previous product but has significant improvements including our exclusive BioLight enhancements.


We have the highest standards in the selection on the source of are ingredients. Whole food base nutrients and ingredients are carefully selected with our chosen suppliers. All the ingredients are micronized into tiny particles to become highly bio available, absorbed sublingually directly through the lymphatic system into the blood and to your cells bypassing the digestive system. Sublingual absorption increases usable dosage by 60-80%. Functional nutrients can reach your cells within 20 minutes or less.

Flower Essences & Gem Stone Essences

Flower/Gem Stone essences are added to the base of the formulations to aid in psychological support.

Induction Laser

Induction laser frequencies are added to the “proprietary” base of our formulations to include ample amounts of support information that our body’s nervous system and cells need to function and heal correctly.

Vibrational Frequency Platforms

At the core of all of our products are “vibrational platforms” that allow all nutrients to align with our body’s cells at physical and energetic levels. This process allows for the utilization of all physical substance and information, without harmful side effects. This is our proprietary BioPhonton Balancing Factors (BBF).

Additional Support (Optional)

  1. Auricular Ear Magnet. Worn daily can help produce endorphins to support curb cravings & bring relaxation & calm. See the QSG & Patient instruction sheet for more information.
  2. Hypnosis audio link. Patients download and listen to it daily before bed. Find link on the Dr.’s website and on the QSG.

Just Stop Now Works

The testimonials are amazing. This protocol works, and it works quickly and easily.

*Individual Results may vary.

We are very pleased with the results our patients are having with Just Stop smoking cessation program. We had been doing a laser smoking cessation program with our big medical lasers before we started with BioVeda PTL Just Stop program which gave us pretty good results, but definitely not like the Just Stop program. We were doing six treatments that each took 30 minutes over three weeks time to stimulate acupoints and had to repeat some steps on occasion for some people.

I am not sure how many people we have now had on Just Stop since we started a short time ago but it must be at least 18 to 24, and I think we have had only one or two people who had a hard time. The rest seem to sail through. Several people have told us they felt like non-smokers after the very first visit!!

I have trained my staff to do the PTL procedure after I do the assessment/commitment and go through the booklet I have written for them. I try to engage them into their recovery by helping them identify stumbling blocks or areas they may have had trouble with when attempting to quit in the past. We also talk about sabotage and how important it is to rid themselves of all their smoking paraphenalia. I ask them to bring in their last pack of smokes and their lighter or matches and I get them to leave them with me instead of taking them home. This tells me what their commitment level is. I also make sure they understand the addiction and endorphin connection and the endorphin denial cycle which we are helping them to overcome very easily and quickly with the Just Stop program!

Once they understand these things and how their body will respond to the treatment, endorphin reprogramming and the detoxification that follows, it is like an AHA moment for them and you can see their “lights go on” when they actually “get it”! I worked in Addictions for 20+ years and we always said quitting smoking can be harder than drugs or alcohol for very many people! It is exciting to see these people having such great success this easily and it always humbles me to know that we have something so powerful in our hands that can help change lives. That is our best reward!!

We charge $375.00 for the Just Stop three-visit protocol. We are mostly getting word of mouth referrals now which is the best advertising we could ask for!! I encourage all PTL owners to include Just Stop in your list of services! You will be amazed.

C. Davis

November 5, 2012, *Individual Results may vary.

I have tried anything and everything to stop smoking for the past 40 years, including the latest prescription medications. The Just Stop program was the answer for me, hands down! With no adverse effects and no withdrawal, no increase in appetite or weight gain.

Smoker for 47 years, *Individual Results may vary.

“I have been smoking for 40 years, 1 to 2 1/2 packs per day, I have tried everything on the market to try to quit smoking with no success. The Just Stop program was by far the easiest, and I was successful on my first try!”

Weatherford, OK, *Individual Results may vary.

Thank you for helping me quit smoking! I smoked close to two packs a day for 45 years. When I started the Just Stop Program on October 11, I was not so confident that I would quit. I knew I wanted to quit and I knew it was time to quit but nothing had ever worked before and I had little faith that anything would. I am still amazed that I have actually quit. I will be celebrating 100 days smoke free in just two days! I am certainly happy about the money I have saved and the side benefit of cutting back from 5 cups of coffee a day to only 1 or 2. The health benefits have been gradual but I can say that I am feeling better.

I look forward to a healthy life, and I thank you immensely I don’t think I could have done it otherwise.


Sarasota, Florida, *Individual Results may vary.

I have treated over 200 patients with 95% successful results. We have never heard of anything being this effective. We have been amazingly pleased with this program and want to recommend this to all BioLight practitioners. It is easy and so effective.
Dr. Cardile

April 30, 2013, *Individual Results may vary.

“The Just Stop program was the only thing in the world that helped me stop smoking and did so immediately. I was smoking 15-25 cigarettes a day. I had previously tried just about everything to stop smoking including cold turkey, nicotine gum, nicotine patch, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and several herbal treatments. Nothing worked! The gum and patch just string your withdrawals out over several months. The other natural remedies did nothing.

The Just Stop Program didn’t make me feel weird or sick which some other products and medications tend to do to me. Right from day one, I no longer had the desire to smoke cigarettes. There are no withdrawals, no cravings, no getting sick, no frustration or anger. In the past quitting smoking has been one of the worst experiences of my life and seem impossible.

The Just Stop Program was like cheating. It was like reverse withdrawls, and in fact I felt better not smoking. I was even able to be around other smokers without having a craving. After the first week, I felt great. It’s been two weeks and I feel better in every way. I have already noticed an increase in my lung capacity. This program works and I’ll save $3,500 per year!”


Yardley, PA, *Individual Results may vary.

I smoked for over 38 years, and when I found out that my best friend from kindergarten had stopped smoking for 3-months using the Just Stop Program, I wanted to try it as well. Since the first day, I have not smoked one cigarette nor have I had the craving to do so. It has been almost three months! I am so happy I did this and would recommend this program to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Searcy, AK, *Individual Results may vary.

I tried to quit smoking last year on New Year’s Day last year and only lasted a week. I woke up with cravings every day, and had them after lunch, after work, etc. After the very first Just Stop visit, I knew something was different, I wasn’t a “smoker” anymore. I didn’t have any cravings. This program is unbelievably amazing!

Long-Term Smoker, *Individual Results may vary.

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