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What patients, their practitioners, and their family members report about the BioLight therapies.
Dr. Eric Dimalanta – PTLII Pain, Kidney, Scar, Lose It, & Allergy Testimonial
*Individual Results may vary.
Deb Eatherton Sugar Balancing
*Individual Results may vary.
Heidi River PTLII Bone, Tendon, Muscle, Bed Wetting Protocol, & Company Testimonial
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Paulo Anxiety & Depression Testimonial
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Dr. Kelley Arnold Hearing Loss
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Debbie Orr How To Heal Skin – Dog Attack testimonial
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Dr. Kelley Arnold PTLII All 2017 Testimonials
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Testimonials from Practitioners and Patients

Briefly, I recently encouraged a dad and mom to bring their 3-week-old daughter in for a laser treatment verses starting her on the second course of Nystatin! She had a completely white mouth and her diaper rash was horrible, and of course she was not very happy.

I treated her and you could actually see the redness in the diaper rash disappear. I then had them take the laser home (haha, nice to be in a small town) with the instruction to laser her 4 times a day. By Monday, she was completely healed in the mouth and the diaper rash was nearly gone. By Wednesday she was completely healed everywhere and a much happier baby! And, that was totally the laser because mom never filled the Nystatin script or picked up the probiotics!

Dr. Sandra B. Lane

*Individual Results may vary.

I started the 12 visit bedwetting protocol on two girls, age 5 & 9, for bedwetting. After the second visit, the 5-year-old girl quit wetting the bed and stopped having accidents at school, and hasn’t since. The 9-year-old went from totally loading the pull-up every night to only slightly wet in the AM.

Now after the fifth visit, the 9-year-old had a completely dry night. [It was the] first dry night in her life, and the mom was in tears!!! Also when I asked the little girl about it – she looked up at me and said that it was very awesome to NOT have to take a bath before school!!

That really melted my heart. The 5-year-old has had no accidents — day or night — since after visit two. The mom is super excited, and so are we!

Dr. Whitehead

*Individual Results may vary.

I had a patient our first day using the AURA PTL II that came in and showed Lymph issues on the MPR. After one treatment with the PTL, the node under the arm was gone….Amazing!
Dr. Greg Muchnij D.C.

Arizona, *Individual Results may vary.

My dad hasn’t slept well in years. We all have these patients that come in explaining how they don’t sleep well, they sleep for a few hours then completely awake, might dose off again, and awake again, all through the night.


On this past Saturday I decided to do the sleep protocol on him. Anyway on a serious note we do the protocol on Saturday. Then Sunday my mom calls after church to tell me that my dad has some good news for me and he would call me later. Long story short, he calls and tells me that for years he hasn’t had to rely on his alarm clock to get him up, and that Sunday morning it went off at 6:30 am and he remembered going to bed at 10:30pm the night before. He was very impressed, and was greatful that after years, he had finnally gotten a full nights sleep.

My purpose for sharing some of my patients’ testimonials is to make sure you are using these tools that BioVeda has been able to put before us to help our patients. It has been a Godsend for me, my family, and my patients. Thank you BioLight and everyone associated with BioLight Technologies. God Bless!

Dr. Riemer, D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

*Individual Results may vary.
These are some initial results using the AURA PTL II Integrated Protocols for the past two weeks. I assume we will see even better results and become more efficient as we get more comfortable with the acupoints and the protocols themselves. Overall, we are doing very, very well.

We have two female patients on the Lose It! program, both are experiencing excellent results and both have excellent appetite/craving suppression.

We have three patients on the Healthy Skin protocol and all of them are 50% or MORE improved in just under two weeks.

As expected, the pain protocols work well, same results as we had with the original PTL.

We started our first patient on the Fibro protocol and the patient reported a 100% reduction in symptoms by the day’s end.

We have combined that with dietary recommendations and the patient reports full clinical remission for over a one-week duration of time.

Dr. Richard Dustman, D.C.

*Individual Results may vary.

I have treated over 200 patients with 95% successful results. We have never heard of anything being this effective. We have been amazingly pleased with this program and want to recommend this to all BioLight practitioners. It is easy and so effective.
Dr. Cardile

*Individual Results may vary.

Just for fun, I worked on a male patient who was Hepatitis C positive, and had failed with medical interferon therapy. After only six Aura PTL II laser treatments, set to the Hepatitis frequency, his next blood test was completely negative for the Hepatitis C virus!
Dr. Hendendal D.C.

Florida, *Individual Results may vary.

I have a testimonial from a patient whose husband I treated. He’s 70 years old and health issues. Was taking Ambien every night to sleep, chronic constipation, taking Metamucil , and a PSA of 7. After 1 treatment and using the biophasic remedy, he slept 2 nights in a row with no Ambien, no constipation and now after 4 treatments PSA is less than 4. He sleeps through the night, bowels are great and never felt better. In fact he’s going to germany tomorrow which never would have happened a month ago.
Dr. Zilliox, D.C.

New York, *Individual Results may vary.

BioLight Technologies has amazing professionalism. That is something that I haven’t seen in other companies.


At this point I’m very excited about the whole system. I hope that it will bring me the quality of success that I have heard from the other doctors at the training. Thanks for all your efforts in alternative health. I’m glad to be a part of the BioLight family.

Betty-Ann Peters

Wisconsin, *Individual Results may vary.

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