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BioLight Therapy Laser Systems: The Superior Choice

How LLLT Therapy works

Our lasers are designed to stimulate the body through a process known as biomodulation or photobiomodulation.

These principles of light or energy medicine originated in Einstein’s quantum physics. Einstein first introduced the concept of the LASER, stating that every living cell emits radiation. He referred to this radiation as the “photon emission of living cells”— or what we fittingly refer to as the AURA.

It has taken over 60 years for Einstein’s fellow physicists to begin to comprehend the holistic world view of quantum mechanics. Scientists are just now beginning to grasp the relationship between matter, energy, and the powerful applications in health and medicine.

The AURA PTL II utilizes the healing power of light in a rather unique way. Our wellness therapies combine the benefits of acupuncture, information induction, modulated frequencies with low level light therapy to support our bodies’  innate ability to heal itself. The AURA PTL II and LLLT increases circulation, reduces inflammation, and stimulates cellular growth and repair. The net result is alleviation of some of our most confounding illnesses and maladies.  The net result for patients is relief. The net result for practitioners is ease of doing their job.

Extensive Research

Eastern Europe and Asia have led the way in the research and clinical application of Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT).  Research in these countries has shown that low power or cold lasers can non-thermally and non-destructively alter cellular function with beneficial results.  Because of their findings,  lasers are now being used to treat a variety of articular, neural and soft tissue conditions.

The significant published evidence proving the efficacy of LLLT  includes over 200 randomized controlled tests. This evidence is equal or greater than the standards for pharmaceutical, surgical, and manual therapies. The evidence is clear: the AURA PTL II is simply one of the most powerful tools for supporting wellness and healing available today.

Safe and Non-Invasive

Low level light therapy lasers like the Aura PTL II are only capable of delivering a physiological dose of therapy. This means that using LLLT is  safe. No matter what condition or pathology a patient is experiencing, no matter what medications the patient is taking, and no matter what the patient may be allergic to, the Aura PTL II can do no harm.

Because of the low level, non-thermal nature, tissue is not destroyed. The FDA has classified the most commonly used low level lasers such as the PTL II as a class IIIa, non-significant risk, medical devices for investigatory use only.


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The BioLight Aura PTL II is a superior application of Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT). Learn why.

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