The Aura PTL II

Energy Medicine Meets Functional Medicine

The Power of Low Level Laser Therapy in the Palm of Your Hand

BioLight Technologies Aura PTL II therapy leverages the power of lasers in “Low Level Laser Therapy,” or LLLT, to support our bodies’ innate ability to create healing and wellness. Low Level Laser Therapy is a proven technology, backed by research and most importantly, results.

Unlike other LLLT lasers, our product has a number of unique features that provide unparalleled healing and wellness in the patients who undergo our therapy. The Aura PTL II combines the treatment capability of our legacy Bax3000 and BaxAura systems: two powerful systems with unmatched track records in the industry.

Our practitioners know all too well the power in the palm of their hands: this light-weight, hand-held unit so easy to use and transport, it makes treatment easier, faster, and more profitable than any other LLLT system available today.

The Aura PTL II is the ONLY low level laser therapy with:

  • Thousands of frequencies
  • Extensive treatment capacities
  • Energetic information induction
  • Acupoint stimulation
  • Integrated protocols
  • Homeopathy and whole food nutrition
  • The power of wellness in the palm of your hand

Your treatment staff doesn’t need to hook up to computers, learn confusing software, or require extensive training. We ensure that you and your team are able to begin using the Aura PTL II quickly, easily, and effectively using the detailed protocol guide book. With unlimited clinical support you will be able to help all your patients.

Have doubts? Read some of our testimonials.

OK, I am new at the PTL 2 and the BioLight protocols….

I had a close friend of the family bring in his 14-year-old son today suffering from low back pain for the past two weeks. He has been seen by another chiropractor without any relief. He is essentially unable to enjoy any recreational activities due to the pain, unable to bend forward without severe pain and has diffuse pain with coughing and sneezing. I suspect he has an injured IVD.

In any event, I treated him this afternoon with a system balance 470, followed by the low back protocol 740 for 10 minutes, waited 5 minutes, then closed the gates.

After I was finished I asked him, “How does your back feel now?”

He looked at me and said, “How did you do that?”

I replied, “What?”

He responded, “I can’t feel it anymore!”

He then got up and ran out to show his mother, how he could bend over and touch his toes without any pain!

Amazing!! I need to keep my video camera on hand and ready at all times!

Dr. Nelson, D.C.

Learn more about How LLLT Therapy Works

Are you new to low level light therapy? Learn how the technology works, and why BioLight Technologies’ protocols are the standard for successful therapy in the industry. No one even comes close.

What makes BioLight Therapy Laser Systems superior to other LLLT devices?

BioLight Technologies Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is superior in many ways. From the type and quality of laser we use to the extensive and easy-to-implement protocols we have available, BioLight Technologies Aura PTL II therapy supports healing for patients like no other LLLT system available today.

The Light Therapy We Use is Unparalleled

We only use true, high quality, fully collimated 635nm laser diodes powered at 5mW. This is the light source used for the tens of thousands of research studies performed over the past 60 years, and it is the source of light used to create photobiomodulation, a true natural physiological dose of healthcare. Few other LLLT providers use this form of energy; instead, they opt for the politically correct westernized allopathic forms of laser application such as high power infrared and ultraviolet. The last 60 years of research has not supported these methods of laser application, while it has supported the type of Low Level Light Therapy that the Aura PTL II uses.

Our Equipment Quality is Unparalleled

Often people will ask the difference between our laser and a $5.00 red laser pointer. They are two very different light sources and cannot be compared. Our equipment is designed to support and encourage the innate healing abilities already resident in our bodies. The body is a very precise organism and it requires a very precise instrument to treat it. We use:

  • The highest quality 635nm semiconductor laser diodes.
  • The highest quality collimation lenses to prevent energy pollution.

Leveraging Pulsed Frequency Therapy

LLLT energy medicine is about delivering and managing information. Utilizing pulsed frequency therapy is a vital part of the success of this therapy system. The higher the range of pulse frequency and the greater precision of that pulse frequency, the more accurately it dictates the level of the nervous system that we can address.

Pulse frequency is the foundation of information communication. The range and precision of that frequency determines the amount of information that can be transmitted. Pulse frequency allows a greater range of communication and transmission with much greater precision. It is comparable to being able to converse with college-level vocabulary versus a preschool vocabulary. The PTL II leverages this ability, ensuring greater transmission of healing power.

Greater Precision in the Palm of Your Hand

The power of any pulsed laser tool is in its ability to turn laser diodes on and off with high range and great precision. Over 90% of the cost of any pulsed laser unit is attributable to the electronics and engineering required to create this precision.

The Aura PTL II therapy unit has advanced engineering components that allow you to utilize any pulse frequency required and remain therapeutically precise through 12 million pulses per second.

Our competitors cannot compare. At the most, competitive laser tools obtain therapeutically precise pulse frequencies through a few hundred to a couple of thousand pulses per second.

As far as the tool itself, it far exceeds the therapeutic ability and benefits of the others, There is no comparison.

We Provide and Sell Laser Therapy Systems, Not Laser Tools

Most manufacturers that sell pulsed Low Level Lasers just sell the tool. There is no indication of the quality of the laser diodes, nor do they provide information about precision or therapeutic range of the pulse frequency of those tools. Because there are currently no manufacturing standards for LLLT tools, there is no method of knowing if your pulsed LLLT system even works.

BioLight Technologies is different. Unlike other manufacturers that leave practitioners wondering about the application of the tools they just purchased, we work closely with our practitioners. Instead of selling tools, we sell laser therapy systems combined with practitioner protocols and methods of immediate application.

The BioLight Technologies Aura PTL II System was designed and engineered to perform holistically as a therapy system. Our system has been clinically tested to ensure it works.

When our practitioners purchase our BioLight therapy system, there are immediate applications, proven protocols, and a treatment guide. Our staff of trained and heroic customer service professionals support our practitioners to ensure that the system works within their practice. Your results, along with your patients’ wellness, are assured.

No other laser manufacturer offers a higher level of:

  • Quality for their product
  • Functional Precision
  • A proven effective therapy procedure for almost any health issue
  • Utilizing both Hz and substance-specific frequencies to allow the body to reset and balance from most any issue

Features and Specs

The AURA PTL II Clinical System is the most advanced integrated therapeutic system available in the market today. There is no integrated therapy that is faster, safer, or easier to use for such a wide range of protocols. The AURA PTL II is the only hybrid pulse induction Low Level Light Therapy system available.

It is also the first Low Level Light Therapy system to offer information induction without the use of a laptop, complicated software or additional hardware components.

AURA PTL II Specifications

  • Fully collimated laser beams with accuracy up to 10 nanoseconds
  • Less than 5mw (milliwatt) of maximum power output at 635nm (nanometers)
  • FDA Registered Class IIIa Laser / Class II Medical Device categorized for use in physical therapy
  • Approximately 6 hours of battery life w/ 2 hours of charge time
  • Weight 8 oz.
  • Capable of Storing up to 3000 Recipes and up to 200 integrated protocols

The AURA PTL II not only competes in its class for power, precision and features but is the ONLY Low Level Light Therapy System to incorporate energetic based substance specific frequencies.

The AURA PTL II is the only LLLT System to integrate specific therapeutic protocols, nutrition, homeopathy and acupoint therapy in addition to “Information Induction” capabilities to create a one of a kind patient wellness program.

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