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BioLight Technologies Aura PTL II

Take Charge of Your Health with the PTL Home Therapy System

Working with your healthcare practitioner is important. But sometimes patients need additional therapy beyond what can be given sporadically in an office setting. BioLight Technologies offers a state-of-the-art home therapy system for use by patients working with our dedicated and skilled practitioners. For therapy that goes beyond the office setting, practitioners can guide their patients with a therapy plan that promotes healing and wellness in the comfort of home.

Reduce Your Symptoms… at Home!

No one wants to be sick. And as parents, none of us want to see our children suffer through illness or pain. If there’s something we can do to promote and encourage healing and wellness, we’ll do it for the health of our loved ones. The BioLight PTL Home Therapy System, when used at home at the direction and advisement of one of our skilled practitioners, is the perfect tool to quickly and dramatically promote health and wellness. It’s safe. It’s practical. And it’s easy. Whether you’re recovering from painful injuries, managing cold and flu symptoms, or reducing the risk of degenerative conditions, the Aura PTL II is an amazing tool that is easy to use with fast and dramatic results.


Bring the power of the Aura PTL II home to your family.


Exceptional Pain Management

The BioLight PTL Home Therapy System provides true pain management, addressing the structural and neurological imbalances that actually cause pain, instead of covering the symptoms up.

Restore and Maintain Brain Health

Reduce the risk of neurological and degenerative issues while helping maintain focus and mental clarity.

Accelerate Your Care

Become an active participant in the care prescribed by your practitioner and accelerate your recovery.

Safe, Effective and Comfortable

The BioLight PTL Home Therapy System provides safe and effective therapy in the comfort of your own home. No matter who in your family requires assistance with healing, the Aura PTL Home Therapy System is safe with dramatic results. To begin your Aura PTL Home Therapy System care at home, contact one of our practitioners close to you or contact us for more information.

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