Lyme Relief

What patients, their practitioners, and their family members report about the BioLight therapies.

Dr. Kelley Arnold – Lyme Testimonial
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Lezli Dow Lyme & Sleep Protocol
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Testimonials from Practitioners and Patients

Our practitioners and patients share their stories of non-invasive, health-promoting BioLight therapies.

We have a young 19-year-old girl come to our office for help with Lyme. She had been in a wheelchair for 1.5 years. Her mother stated she was steadily going downhill, and they had gone the medical route with no improvement and no hope.

We began treating her with the PTL II. After her 7th visit she ran into our office into my arms thanking me. She was out of the wheel chair and was improving daily and could see her health returning. Her mother cried the entire visit thanking us for giving her daughter’s life back.

I am so thankful for this amazing PTL II System.

Dr. Justin Philips

*Individual Results may vary.

I wanted to share a success story about a Lyme patient I have been treating. This patient presented with numerous Lyme’s symptoms, including fatigue, muscle aches, and “foggy headedness.” Also he complained of many food allergies.


I tested him with a Kinesiology assessment and found that he did indeed have many ingested allergies along with a yeast imbalance. We decided to run the Bax IDE program with him along with the sensitivities in the PTL II. Also we ran some of the yeast protocols and the tick (Lyme) protocol several times with the PTL II.

After he completed these basic scans we ran four advanced scans with the Bax Aura. Today he is almost symptom free and can eat a variety of foods without symptoms. In fact, his Lyme’s MD has told him not to come back and that M.D. told him he feels that the Laser has made the difference in his healing process.


Dr. Kelley Arnold

*Individual Results may vary.

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