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Integrating nutrition, homeopathy, and low level laser therapy creates results

We’re often asked why we integrate nutrition and homeopathy. Both patients and practitioners often wonder, if the laser therapy works so well, why do we need to use additional products to support healing and wellness?

There is no doubt that the Aura PTL II is amazing. The research and testimonials are both very clear: patients experience dramatic results.

The LLLT through the Aura PTL II provides information, facilitates cellular stimulation, biomodulation and helps to reduce pain and inflammation and balances the body allowing the body to heal itself.

Sometimes, however, patients need more support.

Nutritional supplementation adds additional support towards healing and wellness when patients are experiencing the stress of illness and pain. Our state-of-the-art nutritional formulations provide additional support to facilitate digestion, absorption, detoxification, and balance to a body working to establish health and wellness. Nutrition provides the building blocks for healing, while the laser therapy clears the pathways previously blocking health and wellness.

This integrative approach is the BioLight difference.

We have found that the patients receiving protocols utilizing LLLT, nutritional support, and homeopathic therapy experience more dramatic results. They feel increased energy, improved sleep cycles, better ability to focus and concentrate, reduced anxiety, and stronger immune systems.

The general stressors of daily life impact and wear on our bodies. For some of us, we can manage our stressors through lifestyle changes. For others, we need additional support.

The BioLight Technologies supplement lines use organic, whole-food ingredients in proprietary blends that are designed to support and encourage health and well being.

Our Dietary supplement products combine standard herbal, vitamin, mineral and enzymes. We harness the power of enzymes to improve the body’s absorption of our powerful formulas. Our proprietary Enzyme Delivery System (EDS) makes the difference. Patients get the most of every supplement by increasing the body’s response to every formula. Think of it as a complete solution: the total health solution.

Unlike many supplements with one isolated ingredient, our natural formulas contain interactive ingredients that work synergistically together to improve the healing potential. Our formulas are a scientific combination of target (ingredients that work together for a specific outcome) and tonic ingredients (ingredients that support a specific area) that are formulated for maximum impact.

Formulating a recipe for success on a long term basis requires 1) a specific target and plans to support a specific function and, 2) what are called tonics or supporting ingredients that really magnify and support the body in healing. This approach insures healing and long term increased function for you.

Enzymes are added to all our products. The American obsession with Fast, over cooked, pasteurized food, makes enzymes all but nonexistent in our diet. Enzymes are the “life” of nutrition, and enzymes are the only nutrients that can supply the body with energy needed for its vital functions. Enzymes assist in practically all body functions. Therefore all nutrition needs enzymes. We add our specially formulated EDS, a plant enzyme delivery system to every product. Why? It’s to increase bio availability, energy, function, and efficient utilization. Our enzymes are designed naturally to work in a 2.3 – 9 pH level, all but insuring proper activity. This allows for lower dosage requirements and quicker more powerful results.

LLLT and Healthy FamiliesADAPTOGENS (AdPT)
An adaptogen stimulates the body’s ability to adapt, produce physiologic balance, enables the proper body function, recharges the adrenal glands, the body’s mechanism for responding to stress and emotional changes and increases natural energy production and resistance to trauma, anxiety, fatigue, and stress. Adaptogens are an elite group of herbs or plants that research has shown to balance, intensify function and boost energy production on a cellular level supporting the body’s innate ability to function, adapt and live. That’s a powerful addition to any recipe for life.

Every product whether flown from a distant location or homegrown here in our own American hillsides is clinically analyzed for content, purity, and potency. Only the best and purest of materials are utilized. After everything has been tested we mix it, process it and it is test once again. Then it is sent to an independent laboratory for independent analysis and to verify content before any product is released for consumption, assuring purity cleanliness and superior quality products just for you.

BioLight products have the highest certifications available. Our products are NSF and GMP certified. We have built our reputation on quality, research and stringent manufacturing practices.

laboratory testOur products were tested when they were received to verify that the Certificate of Analysis was accurate. Then they are tested again before they were bottled for precision and excellence. We always have them tested by an outside lab to verify content. Our products are all manufactured in a qualified NSF certified plant where we use GMP guidelines so we can certify to the world that our products are the purest and most reliable products available GMP, or “Good Manufacturing Practices,” is guidelines that ensure a product is credible and has the quality expected by consumers and health care practitioners all over the world. NSF has raised the bar; so to speak, in that when a product has the NSF mark you can rest assured it is a product you can trust.

NSF International (The National Sanitation Foundation) was founded in 1944 as a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization and have become the leading global provider of public health and safety risk management solutions. Having the NSF certification means that you can take the BioLight products knowing that they have undergone and comply with the strictest certification programs available, so you can feel confident that our products will in fact do what they say they will! NSF certification is not just a onetime test, but a continual process that assures our products meet and will continue to meet the national standards for nutritional supplements.

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Our top-of-the-line supplements are only available to practitioners. 

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