Thanksgiving Turkey DinnerHosting Thanksgiving dinner can be stressful for anyone.  Add food allergies to the mix, and it can become overwhelming. This year my family is hosting an allergy-free Thanksgiving for my brother, his wife and two girls, one of whom is allergic to many common foods and food additives. I’m already limited by my own son’s food sensitivities, which include mild orange and oat allergies. Add my niece to the table, and we can have no soy, no food coloring, no beef, no tomatoes….I could go on.

I want my niece to feel welcome so I’ll limit the spices on the turkey (she’s allergic to pepper) and use whole, fresh foods throughout the allergy-free meal. I love to make homemade macaroni and cheese at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but this year I’ll be looking for a recipe that uses only white cheeses since cheddar contains food coloring. We’ll splurge on clear soda (minimal food coloring) and homemade whipped cream (no preservatives) for the soy free pumpkin pie I found here.

With food allergies becoming more prevalent in our society, there is a wealth of allergy and gluten-free recipes to be found on the web. For allergy-free lunches and snacks, we stick to soy-free deli meats and white cheeses for easy meat and cheese roll ups. Every time my niece visits, I make sure to have all natural potato chips, fresh fruit, and a vegetable tray with homemade dip on hand for easy snacking. Any extra preparation I have to do is more than worth the time I spend with my brother and his family! And her parents deserve to know there are healthful, safe foods waiting for their children when they get here. I can’t wait to visit with my niece’s parents next week and tell them about BAX 3000 Therapy by BioVeda Technologies and the opportunity it could provide for their daughter. As the compelling testimonials keep pouring in, I become more and more excited that this could be the last Thanksgiving we have to be so diligent about food allergies. My niece deserves to eat without worry as does everyone else. Living with food allergies can mean constant worry and waiting for symptoms that range from being a nuisance to being deadly.

Why not try something new this holiday season for your food allergies or those of a loved one?
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