Chlorella and HealthOne topic that can have an enormous influence on your health is detoxification. Detoxification is a term that we use to describe the way our body eliminates things that it was not designed to have; primarily heavy metals and toxic chemicals. The sad truth is that these have been accumulating more and more as technology advances and unfortunately this is a sacrifice we must make due to the lifestyles that we choose to live. Fortunately, our bodies are designed to eliminate these things, but because of the large exposure that we have, it is becoming increasingly difficult for our body to do this. So, therefore it is imperative that we assist our body in this process. There are a number of different strategies that you can use and they are often controversial. When selecting one of these options you are going to want to select the ones that are natural and food-based because they tend to not have as many side effects. You want to avoid drugs that aid in this process because typically side effects are going to be worse than the symptoms that they are resolving. Chlorella is one of the top food-based choices for detoxification . It has been shown that the much of toxin removal happens through your stool. Once the detoxification occurs in your intestines, toxins from other body tissues more readily migrate into your intestines – where chlorella helps effectively remove them.

Chlorella consists of a fibrous, outer shell (20%) with inner nutrients (80%). It’s this fibrous, tough cell wall which binds with toxins. In addition, a clean bloodstream with an abundance of red blood cells to carry oxygen is necessary to support your strong natural defense system. Chlorella’s cleansing action on your bowel and other elimination channels, as well as its protection of your liver, helps promote clean blood. And clean blood helps ensure metabolic waste gets efficiently carried away from your tissues. Chlorella is an algae and it is a green food based supplement. It is particularly interesting to note that it is composed of high amounts of proteins. These proteins tend to have some very special characteristics in their ability to bind to metals (particularly heavy metals) and aid your body in discreting and eliminating them. These proteins also bind to different chemicals and pesticides as well. So we now know that these unique peptides have binding capacities for a specific metal or chemical and are very useful in helping to eliminate these from your body. Interestingly though there is a high level of intelligence to it because as it binds these metals and pesticides it tends to not bind with minerals and specifically ones that your body needs such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper and so forth. These are not bound to chlorella and this allows you to effectively eliminate the ones that your body does not need.

Chlorella contains algae because it is a green food based supplement. If you are allergic to algae, you certainly will not want to use chlorella until you deal with the allergic response. When using chlorella it is generally recommended that you start at a low to moderate dose and build your way up over a few weeks or months. Many studies have showed benefit in using cilantro before or in conjunction with chlorella. Cilantro can be used as a non specific detoxifier for your body.  If you decide that chlorella is something that you would like to try, it is encouraged that you use a brand that meets very specific criteria. Quality is an issue to consider when selecting your choice of chlorella supplementation. One of the primary concerns is to ensure that you can absorb it because chlorella is not easily digestible. It is a cellular organism which means that you cannot chew it like vegetables. In order to receive the most nutrition from vegetables (especially if eaten raw) you need to chew them as it will help to break them down. Since you cannot chew chlorella, make sure that you are getting a brand that is broken down; also referred to as “broken cell wall chlorella.” This way the maximum amount of nutrients from chlorella can be contained which in return makes all of its detoxification abilities readily available to you. Broken cell chlorella is more expensive to process. You also want to ensure that the chlorella is not contaminated. Chlorella is frequently grown in oceans and as we know the oceans are contaminated with many heavy metals, PCB’s and other chemicals.

Chlorella Benefits:

1. Aids your body in its natural removal of potential toxins

  • Acts as an efficient detoxification agent to help rid your body of toxins
  • Serves as an “intelligent” algae by not binding to (and therefore not removing) essential nutrients your body needs

2. Boosts your immune system

  • Provides your body with an added defense mechanism
  • Studies show it strengthens your overall immune system response

3. Aids in better digestion of your food

  • Delivers enzymes such as pepsin and chlorophyllase to promote your healthy digestion
  • Helps support an efficient elimination system by increasing the growth of good bacteria in your intestinal tract

4. Studies show chlorella to freshen your breathe

  • Aids in freshening your breath
  • Aids in reducing elimination odors

5. Delivers the natural antioxidant: beta-carotene

  • Has been shown to boost your immune system due to its antioxidant content
  • Provides your body with added defense against free radicals

Seven more reasons why chlorella can be beneficial:

  • Aids you in processing more oxygen
  • Cleanses key elimination systems like your bowel, liver, and blood
  • Helps purify your blood and clean away toxins
  • Aids you in promoting optimal blood pressure
  • Supports elimination of molds in your body
  • Helps neutralize bad air you might breathe in
  • Promotes growth and repair of your tissues

If detoxification is a concern for you, then it is strongly suggested that you use a green food based supplement like chlorella. This and more can be found in BioVeda’s exclusive HMRx which contains our exclusive “BioCore” technology to remove any blocks in your nervous system that cause you to become hooked and attract these contaminants. So take a positive step in your health and contact a BioVeda Health and Wellness Center nearest you to ensure you are leading a toxin free life!

~Results may vary from patient to patient. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant or nursing, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek advice of physician.