What causes headaches?

– by Dr. Jean Gibson, BioVeda of Fayetteville, AR

Headaches can be caused by several different things.  Some of these causes are sinus problems, eye problems, vascular irregularities, allergies, chemical sensitivities or hypoglycemia. The most common cause of headaches is cervico-genic in origin – meaning it originates in the cervical spine (your neck). Spinal subluxation can irritate spinal nerves causing your headaches.

Muscular tension in your neck caused by stress, chronic postural strain (such as sleeping on too many pillows or spending too much time looking down at your cell phone), or traumatic injury to your neck as in a whiplash can also cause headaches.

There are several things that can be done to help your headaches without drugs. First, you need a thorough examination and x-rays from a Doctor of Chiropractic. The doctor will then develop a specific treatment plan based on the findings from your examination and x-rays

The  adjustment for the spinal regions that are subluxated can be completed either using a hands on technique or a precision instrument. The adjustment restores normal motion to your cervical spine, decreases muscle spasms and decrease inflammation in your joints and muscles.

We can assess your nervous system for negative reactions to foods, airborne particulates, chemicals, or other substances and then use Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT).

Acupuncture can also be used to relieve your headache by helping your body produce endorphins – natural pain relievers – and by balancing energy flow.

Three Things that Could be Making Your Allergies Worse

– by Dr. Andrew Moore, BioVeda of Alamo Heights, TX

Hormones: When European researchers studied 571 women between the ages of 28 and 58, they found that more than one in every 10 tested positive on a standard measure of breathing difficulty before or during the first days of their periods. For many women, allergies and asthma get more severe right before their periods, other research has shown. Taking the Pill may help, or you may want to tweak your allergy/asthma medication around your menstrual cycle to get good control.

Stress: It can make everything worse – even allergies: an Ohio State University College of Medicine study found that in people with seasonal allergies, even moderate stress caused a more sever reaction to an allergy skin test; in the study, subjects who were asked to make a short speech had red raised bumps that were 75 percent larger than they’d been during the “low stress” portion of the study. Stress appears to increase levels of cytokines, chemicals that play a role in the body’s allergic response

Alcohol: In a 2008 study of over 5,800 Danish women, those who had more than two drinks  a day were almost twice as likely as nondrinkers to report having nasal symptoms. No one’s quite sure why, but alcohol is a vasodilator, and it may be that if you have allergies, the swelling of your blood vessels makes your nose run even more. If you notice symptoms cranking up after the cocktail hour, skip the aperitif and go right to the appetizer.

Dr. Augustine on The Power of Biological Light in Healing – Mercola

– by Dr. James Augustine, BioVeda of Cerritos, CA

A Russian scientist, Pjotr Garjajev, has managed to intercept communication from a DNA molecule in the form of ultraviolet photons — in other words, light. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who is familiar with the biophoton work of Fritz-Albert Popp.

It is well known that if you use UV light to destroy 99 percent of a cell, including its DNA, you can almost entirely repair the damage in a single day just by illuminating the cell with the same wavelength at a much weaker intensity.

This phenomenon is known as photorepair.

Following the work of Popp, scientists around the globe have begun to consider that your body’s communication system might be a complex network of resonance and frequency.

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