-By Dr Brent Waterman, A BioVeda Health and Wellness Center in San Ramon, CA

Ask yourself – Do your experiences shape your beliefs or do you experience what you believe? The answer depends on whether you perceive your life proactively or defensively. Being proactive implies that your life doesn’t just happen; you create it. Proactive people have the ability to choose how they want to feel and act in a situation rather than being puppets of the situation. They do not simply react to circumstances. In every situation, between a stimulus and a response, there is ample gap time in which we can think and choose how we will react to everything life throws at us.

Be a leader: become proactive about your own health!

The same principle of being proactive can be highly advantageous if applied to your health. With spiraling healthcare costs, prevention of health issues can save thousands of dollars. In reality, most people feel that they are fairly uninformed in the medical realm. This belief is beneficial for the healthcare establishments as it implies that the reactionary medical model is the only appropriate solution to your medical ailments. By not considering alternative proactive solutions such as chiropractic holistic care, you are short-siding one of the most basic humanistic needs – your health.

Now don’t get me wrong. Healthcare, medical facilities, and medical doctors prove to be highly effective when it comes to accidents, trauma care, broken bones and other such emergency situations. But how many times do these emergency situations occur in your life? Most of the time, it is the minor issues, like a cold, backache, neck pain, migraines, adrenal fatigue etc…, which take a toll on one’s daily life.

The alarming thing is, that many people are sick and they do not even know it! Do you think that cancer appears one day out of thin air? Or that it is a long-term process that accumulates from many bad decisions? See, we can feel well but actually be sick for a long time. Most people know what to do when they start FEELING sick. They submit themselves to conventional healthcare treatments. However, such healthcare treatments only treat sickness. This is not healthcare; it would be more appropriate to call it “Sickness Care” or “Sickcare”. True healthcare means building health (including mind, body and soul) from the ground up and being proactive. “Sickcare” on the other hand, is about treating purely symptoms and taking prescription drugs.

The way I see it, we have two alternatives to choose from. The first one proposes that we be mindless medical consumers and follow a conventional healthcare program. That we subject ourselves to the medicines and pray that they work. The other option recommends that we take matters into our own hands and start thinking proactively about our health. It says that we treat the potential symptoms before they occur and take a holistic approach towards healing our body. Start thinking about your diet, exercise routine, how you deal with stress. No one can make that happen but you. Being proactive is your decision – it is your life.
As a chiropractor, my advice is: be pro-active! Being disease stricken is like waiting in line to get on a train wreck. Take charge of your health. This might have been difficult earlier because you did not realize there was an alternative. The good news is that there is! There are practitioners out there that promote the use of using supplements, exercise, and ways to optimal health. To name just a few proactive alternative health care practitioners, there are: Chiropractic, Naturopathic medicine, and Acupuncture. These practitioners are the key to help build your own personalized preventative health circle.

During my time as a chiropractor, what I have come across is the sense that the chiropractic approach is a tool for health unlike anything we have ever seen before. This is a holistic approach that discards any drug prescription or surgeries. People who follow this approach are having extraordinary experiences because they have a properly functioning nervous system and a healthy lifestyle to boot. Often, lifestyle changes are suggested on a personalized level to benefit each individual patient.

If you have never seen a chiropractor I would urge you to be at least open-minded enough to take in some new information. Being open-minded is the first step you can take to reclaim your ability to make decisions about you and your family’s health. Being proactive helps you make the decision to begin thinking outside the conventional medical box.

~Results may vary from patient to patient. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant or nursing, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek advice of physician.