Dr. James Augustine, D.C. – BioVeda of Cerritos, CA writes in response to the article published on CNN.com, Fish Oil Ingredient Doesn’t Slow Alzheimer’s, which explores a study that asserts that omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) does not slow mental decline once it’s began:

Several points here:

  1. Isolating DHA from it’s food source never works, as most nutritional supplements have been synthesized in a lab, the active ingredient from the food removed and concentrated. This is given as a food supplement, but isolated, fractionated vitamins / minerals / amino acids do not work. It would be like breaking off a piece of your car key and attempting to start your car. No…you need the entire key and hence you need the entire vitamin as it occurs in food.
  2. Treating disease or preventing disease? Once a significant degenerative process has set in like Alzheimer’s, it takes a dramatic effort to reverse it and heal. Fish oil should be preventative, not a treatment for Alzheimer’s.
  3. What wasn’t discussed – toxicity levels that can cause degeneration in nervous system tissue. Also..the blood thinning effect that fish oil has, which therefore can improved blood flow to the brain.

I wonder who funded the research? What was the agenda? “Ah…vitamins are a hoax…they don’t really affect the body” If that were the case, try to stop eating food for a week and see if you notice any differences in your health!

Dr. Augustine, D.C.

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