Effective September 2009, BioAllergenix is pleased to announce that they are adopting BioVeda Technologies as their new corporate name, representing its growing foothold in the alternative health care market. The name change is symbolic of the company’s commitment to holistic care and allows the expansion of company products and service offerings to its customers.

BioVeda, which means “knowledge and wisdom of the body,” more accurately reflects the company’s direction, vision and commitment to alternative health care. The BAX-3000, introduced by BioAllergenix in 2007, will retain its name and position as BioVeda Technologies flagship device for improvement of general health and wellness through neurological stress reduction therapy (NSRTSM). The BioVeda MG was recently introduced under BioVeda Technologies and is used specifically for migraine symptom and pain relief. Over 300 doctors across the country are currently using BioVeda Technologies devices in their clinics.

BioVeda Technologies (formerly BioAllergenix) was founded by a small group of doctors and practice management professionals that collectively have over 50 years of experience in the holistic and alternative health care industry. It is a pioneering corporation which specializes in the scientific integration of holistic medical philosophy with modern technology to provide a natural approach to health and wellness.  

BioVeda Technologies maintains a unique approach as to how environmental substances impact and influence normal body function. Its devices provide assessment and therapy for acute and chronic systemic conditions by utilizing Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy NSRTSM which is achieved through a proprietary process of introducing substance specific stress reduction utilizing a Light and Sound Energy Relaxation LASERSM technique. The overall benefits of reducing stress on the nervous system and reducing or eliminating autonomic nervous system mediated responses can have wide-reaching positive effects on a number of symptoms and conditions that previously had limited therapeutic options. The company’s technology is patented and FDA cleared.

“Society is experiencing revolutionary growth in the alternative health care market, and the rebranding and repositioning of the company serves to secure our future development,” states Adam Silbersweig, President of BioVeda Technologies. “It will allow us the opportunity to provide even better technology, service and support to our current customers and expand beyond our original goals.”

The devices developed by BioVeda Technologies are faster than traditional methodology, highly accurate in substance specific assessment, non-invasive, painless and effective. They require no drugs, no needles, and no dietary restrictions. NSRT is a safe and effective holistic alternative for patient care.

The overall goal of BioVeda Technologies is to help as many people as possible achieve improved health and relief through the use of its devices. The company strives to get its devices into the hands of capable doctors who share its principles and ideologies.

About BioVeda Technologies:

BioVeda Technologies, formerly BioAllergenix, was established in 2007 with the introduction of the BAX-3000. The BAX-3000 is the only fully-automated, patented and FDA cleared LASER or Light and Sound Energy Relaxation therapy system. BioVeda Technologies combines neurological substance specific stress reduction (SSSR) and environmental substance exposure to reduce or eliminate inappropriate autonomic nervous system mediated responses. These neurological responses are the triggers for symptoms associated with numerous chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and other skin conditions. BioVeda Technologies is committed to utilizing its technology to provide safe, fast, painless and noninvasive therapeutic alternatives rooted in neurological stress reduction therapy.

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BioVeda Technologies

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