Joshua Kayne - Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Boca Raton, FL, June 16, 2009…BioAllergenix, an emerging industry leader in holistic and alternative health care, announced that Joshua Kayne has joined the company in the newly created position of Executive Vice President where he is directly responsible for the company’s global sales and marketing.  In this role, Kayne will lead the strategic planning for BioAllergenix’s vision and growth as it expands its mindshare among both physicians and patients in this market.

“The goal is slow, steady and methodical growth by creating a foundation from which BioAllergenix can create a consistent experience for their customers and scalability through operations” says Kayne. “The plan includes the launch of a new name and brand slated for the late summer, rapid expansion of the sales force, the addition of a seminar series, integrated marketing reaching targeted doctors online and offline, and a greatly enhanced public relations effort.”

Mr. Kayne previously served in executive roles with national advertising firms based in Washington D.C., Atlanta and Palm Beach where he has had similar responsibilities in business development for clients in healthcare, finance, real estate, government, tourism, consumer goods and hospitality. He received a B.A. in Economics from Florida State University and maintains an active presence in numerous industry organizations.

“I am thrilled to be part of a company that has a truly revolutionary approach to healthcare, and, more importantly, a committed patient-before-profit approach to the business. Our top priority is making doctors aware of our technology, taking a consultative approach in educating interested practitioners and making it easy for them to acquire and integrate our devices into their practices. The math is simple; if more doctors have access to our technology, more patients get care. We’ve seen dramatic life-changing results that patients never thought would be possible, and that’s our end goal. I am looking forward to working on new methods of distribution for our products in safe, effective and responsible ways.”

Adam Silbersweig, President of BioAllergenix, states, “We anticipate a rapidly increasing demand for holistic treatments, in general, and specifically for BioAllergenix therapies which are based upon neurological substance specific stress reduction (SSSR). Joshua’s expertise and direction will be crucial as the company enters its next stage of development.”

For additional information, please contact BioAllergenix at 1-800-529-7640

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