True “allergies” are an inappropriate immunogenic reaction. The two main types that we deal with are Immediate and Delayed. Immediate is mediated by IgE. Delayed is mediated by specialized T-cells. Patients can have mixed reactions, e.g. the immediate reaction can lead to biochemical changes that can cause delayed reactions. But ALL truly ALLERGIC reactions can ONLY happen as a result of the interactions of either IgE or T-cells with some ANTIGEN. Antigens are minimally present in certain polysaccharides and complex fatty acids, but are most common in large poly-peptides and proteins. They are molecular fingerprints, if you will. To be guilty of causing and allergic reaction, the offender must have a fingerprint.

As far as I have been able to discover, no antigen-antibody reactions have been demonstrated with any molecule with a molecular weight of less than 600. Salt, for example, has a molecular weight of 28. Na (sodium) is 11; Cl (chorine) is 17. Together, {NaCl (salt)} they have a molecular weight of 28. Such substances are not capable of causing an “allergic” reaction – i.e., you cannot be allergic to salt. Thus, our immune system, whether IgE mediated or T-cell mediated, cannot even “see” a grain of salt – no fingerprint – no antigen – no antigen-antibody reaction – no allergy.

Our brains, on the other hand, are responsive to molecular frequencies. The brain may not label a certain frequency as “salt”, but it will respond to frequencies when exposure is repeated, and repeated exposures stimulate repeated responses – reference Pavlovian or Classical Conditioning. That everything has a molecular signature frequency is undisputed. Click here for basic references. We DO have the technology to test for and chart molecular signature frequencies. Note that they are listed as “‘ranges”, which explains the minor variations you may be experiencing in testing. Frequency emissions readings will vary with temperature and barometric pressure. Therefore, when testing someone with ONE isolated frequency that the BAX 3000 has cataloged as “salt”, if their individual conditioning is responsive to a frequency range for salt that is more at one end or another of the range from what we are using, we may get one of our classice “mixed” responses – e.g. trace response, unidentified response, multiple responses etc.

Neurological stress has been identified as a causal agent in the exacerbation of allergies. It has been noted by immunological researchers that the immune system, when activated, will bind with and react to the most abundant, smallest antigen available in the momentary environment.

When the neurological stress load on a human being reaches some critical level – different for each of us, dependent upon genetics, diet, conditioning, etc. – the immune system will be activated as a defense mechanism. If the major stressor is of a molecular weight insufficient to participate in a true “allergic” reaction, i.e. less than 600 molecular weight, then the immune system may, under those circumstances, react to the smallest, most abundant antigen in the momentary environment. Pollen is a relative small and relatively abundant antigen in most environments. Any guesses as to why so many people have allergies to various types of pollen?

Our system is not – repeat NOT – testing for “allergies”, per se. It is testing for neurologically programmed, learned, conditioned, acquired sensitivities. Some may be allergies; some may not. People have sensitivity reactions to all kinds of things – some are allergies, some are not. When someone has an allergic reaction in the presence of something that is not phyically capable of producing an allergic response, suspect that the exposure is causing something to be metabolically produced or activated to which the person is actually having the allergic reaction – guaranteed that “something” will have a fingerprint. The irritant that CAUSED its production or activation may not, e.g. exposure to sunlight, or cold, or water – none of which is physically, chemically capable of being directly involved in an antigen-antibody reaction.

Laser has been so irrefutably demonstrated to have positive physiological affects that the research is hardly even cited anymore, but, if you want to wade through the minutiae go here.  He’s done fair job of posting plenty of citations from which you can, if you really want to, gain an awesome understanding of the mechanisms involved.  Trust me – bottomline – it works. Combined with the individually embedded, offensive frequencies gleaned from the diagnostic protocols available with the BAX 3000, it becomes a very effective tool to reverse the debilitating effects of the Pavlovian Conditioning mentioned at the beginning of this paper. We, however, are introducing rather deliberate, therapeutic conditioning, by reassociating the offending frequencies with the positive physiological affects of the laser. Keep in mind that you could use any laser on the patient while they just sit in front of the DCM and it would be of SOME therapeutic benefit. With the combination of the frequency synchronization, you have, quite possibly, the ultimate neurological reprogramming tool available.

I hope this clarifies some of the mechanisms and the evidences for what we are doing and that it will be helpful in explaining it in terms a bit more mainstream than “balancing your aura”.

L Michael Pfautz, D.C.
BETTERHEALTH thru La Paz Chiropractic & Rehab

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