BAX 3000 on CBS Atlanta

BioVeda and the BAX 3000 was recently the focus of a feature story by CBS Atlanta, “Allergy Relief Without Needles Or Pills?“.  A corresponding video is available to view here.

Stephanie Fisher, a CBS Atlanta Anchor, reports:

Maury Williams found out his allergies were triggered by food, specifically aspartame and beans. “Within a half-hour after lunch, I’d start sneezing and wheezing,” Williams said.

Who knew he’d find relief at a chiropractor’s office? Dr. Frederick Neal is one of a handful of Georgia doctors using the BAX-3000. According to the maker Bioveda, the device is not designed to diagnose or treat any specific conditions, rather it’s an FDA cleared as stress reduction therapy. “It’s a brand new way of looking at treating the body and healing the body from the roots up,” said Neal. Campbell believes the laser cured her allergy to cats. “I couldn’t even walk in and sit at the kitchen counter without doping up.”

The entire article can be viewed below (click the icon in the upper right hand corner of the Scribd viewer to see full screen) or by clicking on the link in the article title as listed above.

BioVeda BAX 3000 Feature Story on CBS Atlanta

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