– by Dr. Andrea Dobrich, D.C, Bioveda of Harrisburg

Many people think that being healthy is just feeling good or not having any symptoms.  Something to think about…you must lose 80% of function in a part of your body (organ, nerve, muscle, etc.) in order to begin feeling the first symptom.  This is huge! Think about it…80% LOST! One of the more common examples of this that most people have at least heard of second hand is the following scenario…

“Bob” begins having chest pains one day (or even has a heart attack).   He has never had these symptoms before.  He goes to the doctor (or the ER – depending on which symptom he is having), and the doctor runs some tests to check the function of Bob’s heart.  Inevitably, the doctor tells Bob that the arteries around his heart are 80-90% blocked.

The fact is, most of us suffer from what I like to call “the out of sight, out of mind syndrome”. If we are not experiencing symptoms from a particular “dis-ease” in our body, we are not doing anything to help correct or even prevent the problem.  We ignore it until, like Bob, our internal “fire alarm” goes off telling us that there is an emergency.  Many times, by this point it is too late and the damage is permanent.  This can go for muscle imbalance to nerve interference in the spine to diabetes to heart disease.

This is why a wellness lifestyle and preventative care is essential to staying in a state of TRUE HEALTH!

I am passionate about guiding my patients on their journeys to wellness.  My practice is in Harrisburg, NC just outside of Charlotte.

Yours in Optimal Health,

Dr. Andrea

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