Yesterday evening, about a dozen parents met at the Bioveda Health and Wellness Center of  Tyler, Texas to hear a presentation by Dr. Garland D. Glenn. Most of the parents belong to a support group who are concerned about their children’s severe peanut allergies.

Children suffering from peanut allergies or other sensitivities that result in analphylaxis present serious challenges for their parents. In many cases parents have few alternatives for caring for their allergic children. One example is the need for home schooling to ensure that these highly allergic children avoid exposure to peanuts and other known allergens.  Anaphylaxis  can be life threatening and accidental exposure could result in death.

During the Allergy Group Meeting, Dr. Glenn spoke about allergies and the impact of stress on the body. He also discussed how BAX 3000 Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy can help improve overall health and wellness by alleviating stress on the nervous system and by strengthening the immune system.

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