– by Dr. Craig Burns, BioVeda Health and Wellness Center of East Centennial

Allergies, Asthma and Food Sensitivities are on the rise.    Read more to discover why food sensitivities lead to allergy disorders, skin conditions and digestive symptoms.  Discover an exciting new holistic therapy!

Question: Why are the statistics for allergies and asthma getting worse every year?  Why do more kids than ever before have allergies?

Answer: The #1 reason for increased rates of allergies and asthma is that more people than ever before are becoming FOOD SENSITIVE, i.e. they are developing “unknown” food sensitivities to otherwise harmless foods.

Question: Why are people (and parents) so quick to accept that allergy and asthma symptoms are something they will have to “learn to live with”?

Answer: Because they don’t know that there are highly effective holistic solutions to detecting and correcting these troublesome food sensitivities.

Food Sensitivity Testing and Treatment:  A Holistic Breakthrough with Unbeatable Results
Imagine having a stomach ache or upset tummy after eating a seemingly harmless food like eggs or fruit.  Imagine not being able to eat what you like, when you like because you are afraid of the consequences.  Imagine not knowing what causes your digestive trouble and having to tip toe through life hoping what you put into your mouth is not going to “react” later. This is how many people live their lives.  And guess what… they have come to accept it!  People must learn to live with such troublesome issues when they and their doctors fail to recognize the underlying cause of the problem.  Worse yet, they are forced to rely on Pepto-Bismol, Tums, Ibuprofen, and other offending substances that offer a long term side effect that is worse than the original condition itself, like osteoporosis, stomach ulcers, and kidney dysfunction. So, where does it all end?  What is the solution to such a common problem that is getting worse year by year?  Rest assured the answer will never be found unless we decide that there must be another way, a better way to treating these conditions.

The True Underlying Cause of Many Digestive Symptoms
There are many reasons why people have digestive problems, but perhaps the most common of all is the substance association stress response.  The substance association stress response is what takes place when a person eats something that they are hypersensitive to, i.e. allergic to.  It is the trigger that initiates a cascade of events that inevitably leads to troublesome symptoms.  It is the defining difference between the person that is “OK” eating eggs and the person that is “NOT OK” eating eggs.  Whatever you might be hypersensitive to, eggs – you name it, is not the real problem.  Instead it is the abnormal way in which your body “reacts” to the substance. The substance association stress response is a neurological event that is orchestrated by the central nervous system, specifically the autonomic nervous system.  To put it simply, it is a faulty wiring and timing issue within the body itself that if left uncorrected will always led to the same outcome, i.e. symptoms and misery.  To put it another way, it is an abnormal reflex response that the body has when it comes into contact with a particular chemical or substance.  Remember when you first touched something hot as a child and jerked your hand away?  Probably not, but you do know the theory behind how your body learned to develop reflexes or habits that protect you.  You also know that these reflexes eventually become unconscious and automatic.  Well, interestingly enough, your body can acquire bad reflexes too.  In short, the substance association stress response is a great example of an unhealthy reflex.  And, as many people know it can be a bad, abnormal, unnecessary, untimely reflex at that. What if you could break that reflex and establish a new one, a healthier reflex to eggs, fruit – you name it!  What if you could break the reflex that makes your body react to something that many other people do not react to?  What if you could go from being “NOT OK” with certain foods, chemicals and substances to being “OK” with them like other people are?  Would that be a better life, a more enjoyable life?  You bet it would!!

Can’t I Just Use an Avoidance or Elimination Strategy?
You could, but would that be the best thing for you to do?  If you have an obvious abnormality in the way your central nervous system works – why wouldn’t you want to fix it?  The truth is allergy symptoms and the substance association stress responses are just the tip of the ice burg.  They are a physical manifestation of an underlying problem within your central nervous system.  Your central nervous system is like your body’s super computer.  You don’t want ANY underlying problems, glitches, malfunctions, etc.  The result of an abnormally functioning nervous system is always dysfunction and dis-ease.  By the same token, the result of a healthy well functioning nervous system is health without the presence of symptoms.

Can Underlying Food Allergies Cause Other Allergy Disorders?
Yes.  It is well accepted that underlying food allergies may in fact drive other allergic disorders like asthma, skin conditions, seasonal allergies, etc.  The more substance association stress responses a person has the greater the symptoms and condition.  For instance, a person could have several “unknown food hypersensitivities” that magnify or fuel the one “known” allergy. It works like this.  Your central nervous system can only handle so much stress before it crashes like a computer and produces symptoms.  The more “unknown” sensitivities you have the more neurological stress you ask your body to deal with on a regular basis.  In a way your body remains on edge or close to a tipping point, and you don’t even know it.  So when that cat enters the room, or the seasons change, or that food is consumed – your central nervous system and immune system crash and you have an allergic reaction. So then, is the real problem what you see, the tip of the iceberg?  Or is the real problem what goes unseen, what lies beneath the surface?  Could it be that allergy and asthma symptoms are getting worse year after year because we are only focusing on what we see on the surface, paying no attention to the true underlying cause of the condition?  Statistics and simple logic, as described above, would suggest so.

What Should a Person With Allergy and Asthma Symptoms Do?
To put it simply, stop treating the symptoms as if they are the condition.  Try and find the true underlying cause of the condition, and fix it once and for all.  Then and only then will your body be free from the substance association stress response, and thus be symptom free. Remember, reflexes and habits both good and bad can be easily built and easily broken.  The key is finding the right doctor to help you do just that. In my opinion, nearly every allergy and asthma patient has 2 choices:

  1. To learn to live with their condition and rely on man made medications to manage symptoms, thus leaving the bodily dysfunction to worsen with time.
  2. Or, to learn more about their body, to improve it for the sake of their future well being and allow it to work as God designed it to.

If you or someone you know has allergy or asthma symptoms, we may be able to help. Contact us to see if you are a candidate for an exciting new therapy – a holistic therapy that is offering both hope and results to families across the nation. Long lasting relief and optimal health may finally be within your reach!

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