By, Dr. Craig Burns, A BioVeda Health and Wellness Center in East Centennial

Studies show that Americans are frustrated and concerned about the accelerating allergy epidemic.  As the allergy season begins its approach, long standing allergy sufferers begin to wonder, “Will my symptoms be worse this year than they were last year?”

A new survey shows that 60% of spring time allergy sufferers are having very limited success in treating their itchy eyes, scratchy throat, runny nose, and congestion problems. In fact, most people with spring time allergies will be forced to miss work due to the severity of seasonal symptoms. In addition, symptoms seem to be increasing year after year despite the efforts of Western Medicine.

Perhaps, the question we really must be asking is, “What can we do differently to make this year better than the last?”   What is everyone else doing, and does it work?

The results showed avoidance was the most popular type of treatment tried (74%), followed by over-the-counter medicines (70%) and prescription drugs (59%). Survey correspondents claimed that none of the main strategies for controlling symptoms were as effective as they hoped for; including over-the-counter medications, prescription medication and avoidance strategies.

Basically, everyone is trying the Western Medical Approach, but with very little success. This approach is so widely advertised and promoted by the AMA, that people keep trying the same thing, expecting a different result. Remember, Albert Einstein referred to this way of thinking and behaving as “insanity”! Isn’t it time dor a different approach? As the number of people that suffer from allergy and asthma increases year after year, one must wonder… isn’t it time for a different approach?

People with seasonal allergies would be wise to consider the following questions:

  1. Do we really want to go through life avoiding pollen, grass, trees, etc – is that really how we are meant to live?
  2. Do we feel comfortable with the idea of taking allergy medications for the rest of our lives with no real end in sight?
  3. Is avoiding a problem any kind of real solution?
  4. Can we ever really “cure a problem” if we never focus on the actual cause of the problem?
  5. What are the side effects and unforeseen consequences of a life long subscription to the Western Medical approach?
  6. And, is there a better way?

If you have allergies and want to find your way out of the Western Medical maze and find permanent relief once and for all contact us.

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