Dr. Thomas Parkes at BioVeda Health and Wellness Center in Yardley, Pennsylvania writes an compelling and entertaining article on his BioVeda of Yardley blog this week:

I remember a few years ago reading an article in a magazine about the experience a third grade teacher had while giving a spelling test. She would ask the students how to spell a word and the students would have to write the word down on their test paper. After grading the papers, she was startled to find that over 50% of the third graders spelled the word relief -ROLAIDS.

Yes, as a society we are very much influenced by what we see, what we hear, and by what we read. If we are constantly told that all we need to do for this ache or that pain is take a pill, then what do we grow up believing?

There’s a pill for every problem!

BACK PAIN ? No problem. Take a pill. Cover it up.
Headaches? No problem. Take a pill. Cover it up.
Stomach a little achy and bloated after eating that pepperoni and bologna pizza? No problem. Take a pill. Cover it up.
High Blood Pressure? No problem. Take the pill that will artificially lower it.

Yes, we have turned into a plop, plop, fizz, fizz society. Instant coffee! Instant tea! Instant relief!

We never talk about treating the cause. Rather, we often just try to cover up the symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress is the cause of most of the symptoms we develop, and it comes in three flavors: physical, chemical, or mental. In order to have true health and wellness, we need to learn how to manage these stressors through proper diet, exercise, and a properly functioning neurological system.

The Bax 3000 and the utilization of NSRT (Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy) is a wonderful therapy that can help us alleviate some of the enormous amounts of environmental stressors we’re subjected to every day. So, go ahead, eat right, exercise, read an inspirational book, and get Bax 3000 therapy. You’ll be glad you did.

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