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The Aura PTL II Therapy Laser System Is

The Answer To Wellness Today

What Is It?

Low Level Laser Therapy is light energy used to stimulate the body’s own nervous system
to elicit change in the body allowing it to respond as it was designed, supporting the body in many
areas such as pain & nerves and so much more.  Doctors just like you are changing the lives of
their patients every day in ways they did not think possible till now!

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  • Did You Know the PTL II Uses Two Forms of Frequencies Very Unique Only To The PTL II
  • Did You Know the PTL Has Over 130,000 Frequencies In The Customized Pre-Designed Programs
  • Did you Know You Can Enter Your Own Frequencies
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Energy Medicine…Meet Functional Medicine!

There are 84+ Integrated & Comprehensive Protocols Included in the AURA PTL II

The Protocols:  Use the Custom Protocols designed using over 130,000 frequency’s around the types of care our doctors have determined to be the MOST EFFECTIVE over many years of research as well as the MOST WANTED and successful in attracting new clients. To schedule your Free Phone Consultation to learn more Click Here

To learn more on how to choose the right laser, watch this short video: How To Choose the Right Laser System.

This is a very informative video on what you will want to look for when choosing the right system for your practice.

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“I had a patient that sustained a severe Grade II-III inversion sprain of the left ankle. I used my AURA PTL with extremity protocol for general pain, sprain/ligament and foot pain. I’m very excited to tell everyone that my patient called this morning saying she was astonished at how well the treatment worked, that her ankle sprain was reduced by 50% and the swelling had subsided significantly. Way to go BioLight!”  — Dr. Larch D.C., CA
I wanted to share a success story about a Lymes patient I have been treating. This patient presented with numerous lymes symptoms including fatigue muscle aches and “foggy headedness”. Also, he complained of many food allergies. I tested him with a Kinesiology assessment and found that he did indeed have many ingested allergies along with a yeast imbalance. We decided to run the Bax IDE program with him along with the Sensitivities in the PLT II. Also, we ran some of the yeast protocols and the tick (lyme) protocol several times with the PTL II. After he completed these basic scans we ran four advanced scans with the Bax Aura. Today he is almost symptom free and can eat a variety of foods without symptoms. In fact, his Lymes M.D. has told him not to come back and that M.D. told him he feels that the Laser has made the difference in his healing process. WOOHOO!!!  —    Dr. Kelley Norton, KS

“I had parents walk into my office carrying their 6-year-old little girl that was frail and thin with skin that was sickly gray. It was so sad. The parents ask me if I could help their little girl who could only eat a paste they made her because she was allergic to all forms of sugar and they had been everywhere and no one had been able to help her. I told them we would do our best. After four laser treatments she could eat 4 foods. At the end of 12 visits she could eat anything she wanted to. I know we saved this little girl’s life. Thank you BioLight, this is why I love what I do. ….Amazing!”  —  Dr. A Moore, TX

“The AURA PTLII or as I now call it the “Praise the Lord” Laser works great. In my first week, I have already treated patients with bee stings, an ant bite, warts and muscle pain with amazing results. The appropriate BioPhasic with PTL II recipe and Lymph Resolve has caused noticeable changes in patient digestion as well as the muscle/organ relationships.”  —  Dr. Jack Morgan D.C., FL

The BioLight Aura PTL II makes your client care Quick, Easy & Effective. 

Simply select the Protocol and look it up in our “PTL II Manual,”

Then follow the step-by-step directions, Point, Click and Laser Paint! 

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described is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition or disease.

We do not diagnose or claim to heal any disease but when you’re able to communicate information thru a profound delivery system using a very precise laser like the PTL II, the outcomes can be life changing. We provide information to the body thru frequencies and laser light therapy allowing the body the opportunity to reset and reprogram itself to elicit balance and healing at many levels.

~Results may vary from patient to patient. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant or nursing, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, seek advice of physician.