Qi-5 Scan & Balance

BioEnergetic Assessment –Talk to the Body Like Never Before

  • Neurological stress reduction therapy – NSRT
  • Provide effective, individualized stress analysis & reports
  • Create comprehensive in-office and take-home wellness plans
  • No More Guessing – Talk To The Body
  • Automated Pre-designed Scans
  • Integrated Harmonic Imprinter
  • Three Color Diode Low Level Induction Laser Therapy
  • Increase client base & retention
  • Remote Scan capability
  • See more clients in less time


Qi-5 Body Scan &

Balance System



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Utilizing advanced bioenergetic technology, the Qi-5 body balance software quickly and accurately identifies the energetic stressors, biomarkers and imbalances in the different body systems. The Qi-5 Balance system provides a multi tiered approach for addressing specific imbalances, distortions and stressors as well as support the body may benifit from  that the body shows coherence with.

The software offers one of the largest and most extensive libraries of substance frequencies and products. It also has an expanded range of automated scans which can be customized to fit your clients needs that includes:

  • 12 Visit Body Scan Program – this is perfect for general wellbeing programs for first time users.
  • Basic Scans – a great choice for follow-up visits, quick overall evaluation and general support.
  • Advance Scans – a great choice when you want to scan for a wide range of stressors.
  • Other Automated Scans to choose from
  • Mini Scans – great when you need a fast review of one category.
  • Build your own Scan – design your own custom scans based around ones specific needs.

The emotional body is a critical factor in our well-being and health. By working with the  emotional stressors and enhancers, we can now properly support those areas to allow the body to release interferences that impede wellness and support the bodies own innate ability to process and balance itself.

Additionally, the software allows you advanced features where you have unlimited customization capabilities such as the ability to add any item or substance to the database library, design your own customized  scan groups to meet your practice and clients’ needs. There are a variety of reports with a wealth of information allowing you to make the best recommendations and customized wellness programs for your clients.

I continue to be amazed at the accuracy of the Qi-5 (8 channel) system compared to other similar systems I have used that were only single or dual channel systems. It has made support for both typical and challenging clients very comprehensive and life changing.”  K. Jackson, DC

“The Qi-5 has transformed my nutrition practice allowing me to support my clients at a much more accurate level.  No more guessing.”  S. Folmer, ND

“The Qi-5 has brought the support my autistic child needed for a better quality of life. He is now more manageable and engages and enjoys his life like I could never have imagined. Both of our lives now have quality and his teachers are amazed at his progress with focus and behavior.”  Donna Johnson     

I originally purchased the Qi-5 mainly for my son for support with his symptoms, who had extreme sensitivities. They really controlled his life but after taking him thru the support series, the changes were astounding and one of our next purchases was for a puppy that lit up his face, as that was never going to be a possibility before.”   T. Franks, DC

“Since I have been using the Qi-5 system I have seen lives changed and my job is now so much simpler.  I finally have a support tool that provides me information  that is invaluable and allows me to support my clients in ways I could not do before.  I can’t imagine being without this technology and it has increased my practice exponentially.”       J. Long ND

Key Features of the Qi-5 Technology

  • Time Saving – With the automated software the full body scan takes only 1 to 5 minutes.
  • Induction Laser – Built in three color diode induction therapy laser system delivers information to the body with all the added benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy.
  • Built-in Imprinter
  • Extensive Substance Frequency Database plus the added ability to add/transfer any substance to the database library.
  • Meridian Testing – Evaluate the energetic balance of the Meridian System through easy-to-use point testing capabilities.
  • Easy Customization – Let the software serve you as your needs
  • Remote Scanning
  • Automated for ease of operation
  • Continuous Updates
  • Offline Operation
  • Personalized Reports


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Qi-5 Body Scan & Balance

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