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What patients, their practitioners, and their family members report about the BioLight therapies.

Testimonials from Practitioners and Patients

Our practitioners and patients share their stories of non-invasive, health-promoting BioLight therapies.

My dog Scooter continues to make miraculous progress. As you know, he experienced a spontaneous disc rupture in the lower part of his back after a small jump, and experienced instant and complete hindquarter paralysis with almost no deep pain sensation. The vet conducted a laminectomy which involved opening the spinal column and removing the extruded disc material. The surgeon told us that his disks were “as bad as they get”. We were told that his chance of regaining full use of his hind legs and tail were less than 5%-50%, and that it could take up to nine months before we would know for sure.

He came home on Saturday, which was one week ago today. I have been using the PTL and the BAX AURA everyday, once to twice per day and for a total of about 10 minutes of laser time, utilizing various recipes per your advice.

The Saturday we brought him home, he had some movement in his right hind leg. By Wednesday, he was able to stand for a short period on his right hind leg, AND he started to wag his tail. The left leg was still lame. Friday afternoon, I decided to try Sarcodes Neurological.

About a half hour later, my wife and I carried him out to the backyard. We couldn’t believe what happened! Although slightly unstable and still a little weak, he was walking with both legs, wagging his tail (almost a full wag), AND he had regained control of his bladder and bowels.

As per your advise, I will start the CNT Repair to help strengthen and bind connective tissue. Also, once his vet-prescribed medications/antibiotics are complete, I will start him on a nutritional regime including probiotics.

Jay Fertman, CBP, Colorado

I have been using the laser extensively with my equine/canine massage practice. The combination of both is doing wonders for my four-footed clients. I worked with an eight-year-old papillion who had strained her hind quarters and was in a lot of pain… with one treatment of the laser for inflammation and gentle massage, she is back to her bouncy little self. I’m also working with a four-year-old mare who has some physiological faults, but also a lot of emotional issues. For our first several sessions I was only able to laser her as she wouldn’t let me put my hands on her… it’s been a couple of months now with weekly treatments, and the change in her disposition is amazing! I was able to do a partial manual massage on her for the first time last week in addition to the laser. I also have used it with the Bach flower setting & she is also on bach flowers. It’s been very rewarding to see the changes in her.
Tina Schmitt

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