Qi-5 Scan & Balance

BioEnergetic Assessment –Talk to the Body Like Never Before

BioEnergetic Assessment –Talk to the Body Like Never Before

What would your body tell you if you could talk directly with it?

ASK YOURSELF …  What would be possible if there was a way for you to actually talk to the body revealing the distortions and imbalances in the energetic body field that are causing stress plus the needed support at a physical, emotional and energetic level that is required to restore balance and function within the body.

So much of both medical and holistic medicine revolves around educated guessing, especially when there is not a conclusive test telling you what is going on in the body. How would you like to find out from the body using advance electro-dermal response testing, what those top energetic  stressors are or what the body needs to be in balance.  If you could determine the blockage of flow behind your chronic pain, would you? Well, now you can!

The body is very smart (actually smarter than us or the most brilliant scientist). It knows what the key items are that are disrupting the body, possibly from some childhood illness or exposure or even to what we might have experienced emotionally last week or 30 years ago. It is all about Balance. When we can regularly access the body and provide the information it needs to help peel off those layers of disrupters, the body now has freed up resources ft can use to address other stressors or interferences. As we assist the body regularly in unburdening itself and providing information it needs, then the body can heal itself.

The New Qi-5 is an eight channel scanning system using an arm cuff with electrodes that allows you to communicate with the body. Through the scan we are able to help identify the stressors and supporters that the body needs to come into balance and heal itself. Then us!ng a three color diode induction laser we are able to present this information to the body through the laser light to acupoints on the body. Then at the same time, using the imprinter, transfer those frequencies to a custom product with their program for them to use between visits. Note the Qi-5 like our prior Bax Aura uses an eight channel arm cuff that is used to send and receive information. Most all systems on the market only use a dual channel system which cannot compare in accuracy.

The history of this type technology began in the late 1940’s. A German medical doctor and engineer, Dr. Reinhard Voll, began researching and proving an innovative testing method known as EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll, also known as. EDS, Electro-Dermal Screening). This method was documented and proven in over a decade of hospital studies in Germany and today EAV is widely used throughout Europe by over 25,000 medical practitioners. In the United States, EAV is growing in acceptance particularly by medical practitioners who specialize in “Alternative, Holistic and Biological Medicine” techniques and disciplines.

Qi5-pointtest CroppedBenefits
Eight channel Electro-Dermal Screening along with the optional EAV, offers a quick, non-invasive screening method for determining health imbalances. Practitioners typically use this form of screening as a compliment to an array of standard testing procedures in common use. This form of screening, EAV/EDS has great value in giving practitioners a “hands on” assessment tool. It should be clearly understood that EDS/EAV testing is not a “standard medical procedure”, and today it is not accepted as a standardized diagnostic test for determining any specific medical condition or disease. The Qi-5 Is an “Energetic” assessment of the individual. And even though EDS/EAV is not accepted as a standard medical diagnostic tool, the information provided from an EDS/EAV screening is invaluable for the general assessment of a person’s imbalances and concerns. Additionally, EDS/EAV practitioners have found tremendous success using this as a precise tool for determining
preventative and “Bio-Compatible” remedy therapies for their patients.

Qi5 ear laserQi-5 imprint well editedCustom Program Designed For YOU
Based on the results of your BioEnergetic Assessment, a customized program can be designed specifically to meet your wellness goals.  Furthermore, with the use of the Qi-5 signal transference device, a customized remedy can be prepared with specific energetic frequencies for your body. The Qi-5 takes this to the next level using an induction laser that presents the balancing information your body wants thru the laser light device direct to your cells. This delivery system is profound because the body receives this information more precisely than any other delivery system.


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